15 Feb 2013


Silence can be golden but sometimes it signifies other developments. In my case I have been somewhat distracted by being made redundant after 15 years with the same employer.

I was lucky. I got a job fast. But the whole experience forced a major readjustment. I have started the preparation for managing my PD. I’m building a portfolio career to give flexibility and hopefully fun. So Parkinson’s is moving away from the wings but I hope it will be a positive move.

I will cast aside my inadvertent vow of silence too. Promise.



Shall I introduce myself? My name is Stitch This. Ah, you've guessed already that I've made that up, nobody would have parents that cruel would they? No, I write under a pseudonym so I can feel fairly free and easy about my comments and thoughts. So much more fun when you are invisible I think. I have two small, noisy, sticky boys and a husband who is rapidly turning into a boat-head as a pose to the rabid petrol head he has been ever since we met. Which was when we were 18. I am in my, ahem, early 40's and was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's in January 2008 although the symptoms started Summer 2005. I have an established blog where I record my stitchy attempts and general life ramblings which hitherto has included PD stuff to a certain extent. It was that blog that has brought me here.

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