The talkhealth / NHS Choices online clinic on allergy opened today. The clinic is supported by Action Against Allergy, the Allergy Academy and MedicAlert.

Our panel of leading allergy specialists are waiting to answer all your questions about all aspects of allergies and how to cope on a day to day basis.

Take a look and ask your questions now



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  1. Since Christmas I have developed an allergic itchy rash which started on my back, which quickly spread to the tops of my arms, the back of neck into my hair line and the top front of my chest and legs. The rash was and still is extremely hot, itchy, sore, red and bumpy to the touch and feels like it’s just under the surface of the skin The itching can sometimes keep me awake at night and i scratch my skin causing it to bleed. At the bottom of my legs, around my ankles and on the front of my feet are very itchy small white lumps which appear under my skin and seem itchier at night when scratched.

    Due to the flare up and feeling itchy, irritable and fed up I visited the local walk in assessment clinic (unable to obtain an appointment with my GP for 2 weeks )

    The GP (walk in) on my first visit said i had eczema and prescribed 1% hydrocortisone after a week of taking the medication I returned back to the GP as the rash had spread onto my back (red, itchy, small bumps under my skin and red inflamed skin on my arms and legs).

    The 2nd visit to the assessment clinic the GP said they thought my eczema had become infected which was why I was itchy and prescribed fucibet (twice daily) doublebase gel and anhistamines. This treatment seemed to work and the rash started to disappear from my back, arms and legs.

    Within 10 days of stopping the fucibet cream, the itchy rash returned, onto my back, arms and legs with itching increasing at night and after showering or bathing.

    This resulted with a 3rd visit to the assessment clinic. The GP said he thought the rash on my back was an allergic reaction and the rash on my arms and legs was eczema so prescribed diprobase cream for the eczema, strong antihistamine (hydroxyzine one a night) and betnovate cream to place on the itchy flares.

    The antihistamine was great as it actually helps me go to sleep so helping to allievate the scratching.

    After two weeks I am basically back to where I originally began.

    I eventually was able to access an appointment with my own GP and explained my journey of rashes and eczema and visits to the assessment clinic over the past two months. After listening and examining my leg and back my GP has requested blood tests ( for allergies and thyroid which were taken on Monday this week) and prescribed emovate, hydromol cream. I am currently applying this medication to my skin but still have the red hot bumpy allergic rash which is currently on my shoulders, back and top of my arms and legs. It actually looks like I’ve been sunburnt.

    The eczema on my legs has improved but I still have the rash on the front of my thigh and ankles. I feel completely at a loss of what to do next. Could you please offer any suggestions.
    I am asthmatic and take daily doses of fostair inhalers. Over the past two years my asthma has improved with the fostair.
    I use to suffer from eczema when I was younger (approx 10yrs). I have had a skin prick allergy test which showed I was allergic to dust, dust mites, pollen, cats, dogs, fungus etc which I presume I still am as I become wheezy if I’m in a house with pets, etc
    My eczema never seemed to be an issue for years but to me it appears to have become worse over the past two years when my asthma has improved. I am aged 42yrs.
    I have never been tested for chemical allergies.
    Additional information
    The the skin on my legs, back arms feels dry and bumpy and I not really sure if the diprobase works. The doublebase gel does work as the skin on my face is good except for dry patches above my eyelid after an allergic reaction to eyeshadow.
    I’d be grateful for any medical advice or suggestions

    on February 19, 2013 at 8:28 pm Jackie Deeny

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