Really how can you ignore a headline like that when it seems that one in 4 women1 wet their knickers every time they sneeze, cough, exercise, laugh or dance? We women of a certain age have taken to buying Tena lady pads stealthily in Boots and hiding them under something else – and yes that may just be me but I doubt it as apparently women as young as 20 are having this problem!

I thought it was one of ‘it’s your age dear’ things, but apparently according to Jenni stress incontinence is not normal; women should not have to grin and bear it, accept it as an unpleasant consequence of ageing or a traumatic labour experience.  A leaky bladder is not funny but can lead to worse problems if not tackled such as potentially serious medical conditions like a prolapsed bladder, bowel or womb.

Well the solution could be at hand if you read  Pelvic Floor Secrets by Jenni Russell and she is offering a 6 week programme to solve this common but embarrassing problem.  The encouraging news is that the exercise programme works, and it claimed to give you have a vastly improved sex life – which I wish for you all, but just don’t tell me about it!  You could go and see her at her clinic in Harley Street but the less expensive option is to spend £15.99 and buy the book, or download, from Amazon.

It is not for the fainthearted as the book takes a frank and friendly approach to the problem. If yo have ever wondered what ‘in there’ really looks like you can check out the anatomically correct drawings while following a simple and straightforward action plan.

If you do the work then this is what maintaining pelvic floor strength will give you:

  • reverse/minimise* stress incontinence
  • reverse vaginal laxity
  • increase confidence
  • avoid pelvic organ prolapse
  • avoid surgery and medication
  • improve sexual satisfaction

If you want to know more about Jenni’s work visit her website at



AnnA Rushton is an experienced author and speaker on health, personal development and creativity. With a background in television, theatre and advertising she is a natural communicator with a particular interest in womens health and holistic medicine. Her books include 'Natural Progesterone', How to Cope Successfully With Stress', 'Tips For Hot Flushes', 'Dealing With Procrastination' and 'How To Write Your Life Story' all of which are available at

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