Great News for coeliacs! There has been announcements this year from Primary Care Trusts (PCT’s) that they are putting Gluten Free Fresh Bread back on prescription formularies. This means you can get Fresh Bread on your gluten free prescription again.

This month West Sussex PCT has announced they have added fresh bread back on prescription for coeliacs in their area.

There are now many PCT’s that have added gluten free fresh bread back on.  A key product for coeliacs who need to ensure they are getting the right nutrients, including calcium and folic acid. Since November 2012 I have heard of the following PCT’s adding fresh bread back on prescription. Here is the list of PCT’s:

West Suffolk

Eastern Costal Kent


East Sussex Downs and Weald

Hastings and Rother




If you know of any updates in your area please email me at or comment below. Thanks!


Jen @ Glutafin

Hello my name is Jen. I was diagnosed as being gluten sensitive in December 2007, but it was quite a journey getting to that diagnosis, one that took over a year and even involved me crying in the doctor’s surgery! (Oh gosh I could feel so ashamed but now my symptoms have disappeared it was worth it!) Since then I have been following a strict gluten free diet. I admit I had problems at first and kept eating gluten by mistake (and unfortuently still can when I am out!) I also work for Glutafin, a gluten free brand avaliable for those diagnosed with coeliac disease, and since working there I have had access to the latest news and important advice on coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity. I am constantly sharing what I learn through the Glutafin website and in my own blog. I am very happy to also be sharing any new advice, news and experiences here too! I hope anyone who is coeliac or is following a gluten free diet will find my blogs useful! Please do interact with me using the comment boxes on the bottom of the pages, as I’m always pleased to hear your tips and have a chat!

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