Our NHS Choices / talkhealth online clinic on 50+ health opens this Wednesday, 17 April 2013 and runs until 23 April.

We have a fantastic panel of 10 medical experts who will be available throughout the week to answer all your questions around health over the age of 50.

NHS Choices / talkhealth online clinic on 50+ health

NHS Choices / talkhealth online clinic on 50+ health

Our clinic is run collaboratively with NHS Choices, and we are extremely pleased to have the charity Macmillan Cancer Support who are supporting the event.

Take a look and ask our experts your questions now – http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/online_clinics/online_clinic_for_50_plus_2013.php

Here is an example of the sort of questions already being asked in our 50+ clinic:

Jan115 asks “I have been getting pain in my knees for 2 or 3 months now and am wondering if it may be arthritis. The pain often spreads down my lower legs and most of the time my legs are reasonably warm,while my knees feel like two ice cubes!It is really getting me down combined with other health problems,do you have any advice?I should mention that I also have an annular tear in my lower spine,could this be connected?”

Macmillan Cancer are supporting the NHS Choices / talkhealth online clinic on 50+ health

Macmillan Cancer Support are supporting the online clinic on 50+ health

Patty1961 asks “I’m over 50 and concerned about breast cancer. My mother was diagnosed via a routine screening at 50 years old. So far my screenings have been clear but I’m wondering if I should try to find out if my mother’s cancer was hereditary, and if it is what would the options be for me? Or should I not worry and just go for my regular screenings?

I worry because my mother would never have known she had breast cancer had she not attended a regular screening as her type of cancer was agressive but had not developed into a lump at the stage it was found.

Any help to put my mind at rest would be good. Thank you.”



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