Colin Firth(52), Jamie Lee-Curtis(54), Michael Caine(80), Jane Seymour(62), Bill Nighy(63), Felicity Kendall(66), Denzel Washington(58), Judi Dench(78), Pierce Brosnan(59), Christie Brinkley(59), Dustin Hoffman(75), Goldie Hawn(67), Alan Rickman(67), Susan Sarandon(66)……and the list goes on….

M&S Vouchers

Yes it happens to the best of us – we turn 50 and then we still carry on getting older!  For those of us who are in the know life doesn’t stop but can actually get better for a number of reasons.  However one of the most important factors with ‘successful’ ageing is becoming more aware of your health and looking after yourself.  And yes the saying ‘Use it or Lose it’ is very true.

This month’s talkhealth survey is all about finding out what concerns and worries us about our health as we become older. Do we make any conscious decisions surrounding our health due to our age, do we do more exercise, think more about our diet or do we not worry and carry on regardless?

Our online clinic this month with NHS Choices and our charity supporters is all around Health at 50+.  So if you do have any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small, do ask our panel of experts.  The clinic is already open for pre-questions, and the expert panel will answer them from 17th to 23rd April.

Meanwhile do go and enter our survey here, and a chance to win £50 in M&S Vouchers – good luck!



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