ibs expertsDid you manage to catch our online clinic on Bladder, Bowel and IBS?  If  not don’t worry – as the clinic is still available for viewing and offers some fantastic support and advice provided by our panel of leading experts.  We’d also really like to take the opportunity of saying a big thank you to all our experts who generously donate their time and knowledge, and also our charities and sponsors for their support as well.

Our experts were asked a wide range of questions from Is it normal to pee this much from Lady Cobra, to “I think I have diverticulitis but I don’t know how to verify this or what to do about it” from Emma.

Plus a full range of questions on IBS  – such as “Crippling IBS” from 28 year old Whiteladder and advice on “How to cope with IBS on long haul flights” from Littlepinkfrog.

The impact of having issues with your bladder and bowels has a significant effect on your day to day life and understanding how best to manage these issues has a significant affect on your wellbeing.

At the end of the month, we will be revealing the results from our survey on IBS, so if you haven’t already taken part in our survey please do as understanding and collecting information can significantly go towards helping others.  Also if you enter the survey, you will also have the chance of winning our monthly £50 M&S Voucher – and remember with all our competitions, we invite all entries – regardless if you have the condition we might be asking questions on.  July’s IBS Survey entry.  Best of luck!!!



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