A recently published paper has reported how DermaSilk may help in the long-term treatment of infantile atopic dermatitis. The double blind, placebo controlled comparative study was carried out with 20 children using either DermaSilk or identically styled cotton underclothes for up to 2 years. Patients wore the garments for an average of 17 months in each group (they were allowed to stop using them during the very hot Italian summer).

A number of interesting points emerged from the study:

  • Of the 22 patients enrolled, only 2 patients were lost to the study.
  • More patients in the DermaSilk group had eczema classified as “severe” compared with the cotton group.
  • Topical steroid therapy averaged 3 tubes in the cotton group compared with 1.2 tubes in the DermaSilk group. This is a reduction of 60% over the period of the study and is directly linked to the reduction in eczema flares suffered by these patients. This is a statistically significant figure (p=0.006) meaning that there is a 6 in 1000 chance of the result happening by chance!!!

It is also worth noting that one child in the DermaSilk group did not complete the study as her parents did not come back for more clothes after she grew out of them after 5 months! This demonstrates that the garments do last as long as the manufacturers indicate. What is also worth noting about this little girl is that her steroid usage over the entire 2 year period was similar to the cotton wearers which goes some way towards demonstrating the need for continuous use of DermaSilk.

The authors finish the paper with the following:

“We observed a consistently lower use of topical corticosteroid among children in group A (DermaSilk) compared to group B (cotton) (P=0.006). The subjective evaluation expressed by families (100% DermaSilk group A, group B 45% cotton; P=0.014) was also statistically significant.


In conclusion, this study found a possible role of DermaSilk in reducing relapses of atopic dermatitis. In particular, the use of DermaSilk lead to a reduction of subjective symptoms such as itching, the most important factor responsible for the deterioration of the quality of life of both patients and their families, giving greater benefits than cotton, and without any side effect.”

To read the full paper click here


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