Case packed, passport in hand, Euros in purse/pocket – ready to go! The big question now is “Can I take my electronic cigarettes on holiday?”

Well, it depends on where you go, as regulations vary from country to country. I have found it’s always wise to check before you leave the UK, just in case you do want to pack some NRT patches so you don’t resort to tobacco.

Looking at the regulations for some of the most popular European family holiday destinations – Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Greece – it is acceptable to e-smoke there! And with 29% of Brits* planning on staying in the UK you will be pleased to know it’s completely legal and permitted in all locations in the UK.

Note, though, if you are travelling to Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark or Norway, they have issued outright bans! There are strict laws on all types of smoking in these countries already and as e-cigs are now being considered as an alternative to smoking, they are not sure where the product sits and they are currently banned.

Then to the question what about airlines policies? Many airlines enforce their own regulations on the use of e-cigs and e-smoking/vaping on board, so it is best to check with them too, directly before checking in. Although in my experience I have never been allowed to use my e-cig on board yet.

Whilst I’ve never encountered any problems going through security at the airport with my disposable Liberro Go e-cigs and my favourite e-cigar the Corona Grandes in my hand luggage, you do still need to comply with the liquid policies. Any liquids must be under 100ml and placed in the small plastic bag. For this purpose we have included a range of small plastic bottles for sale on our website. We find they are safer than carrying glass bottles around with us and we can take just what we need, if we choose to pack our rechargeable electronic cigarettes.

*Money Supermarket Travel Trends Tracker 2013

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