Flower Power!

23 Sep 2013

Last weekend, Ella and Lucy were the flower girls at my brothers wedding.  They wore beautiful matching dresses, sparkly shoes and Ella had a lovely heart adorned with bells to carry instead of flowers.  Although she didn’t fully understand what was going on, Ella loved having lots of family around and it was good to introduce Lucy to members of the family who hadn’t met her yet.
I was a very proud sister and mummy as I walked down the aisle with my girls (even though Ella dropped the heart, sat down, refused to get up, tried to escape down the empty pews….we got there in the end!). 

The whole day was lovely – Tom & Vicki had organised everything so well… Thank you gifts, the old London bus for transport to the reception and the surprise choir they organised as part of the ceremony.  And Ella once again took to the dance floor in the evening (in her pyjamas and after a power nap on daddy to recharge her batteries!).   

This is another post where the pictures of the day explain how lovely it was better than I can with words…



Choir, singing a great rendition of ‘Mardy Bum’!


Cookies and milkshakes followed the ceremony…

Double decker bus!…

Fun masks and props for taking polaroid pics!


My Beautiful thank you gift…

I’ll leave you with one of the readings from the church, the words of Dr Suess…

We’re all a little weird. And life is weird. 
And when we find someone

whose weirdness is compatible with ours, 

we join up with them and fall into

mutual weirdness and call it love
Congratulations Tom & Vicki xxx


Amy Dunn

Our first baby, Ella Mary, was born at the end of November 2010. We were shocked to find out soon after her birth that she has Down's Syndrome. I was determined from the start that Down's Syndrome will never define Ella or what she is able to do. We will provide for her everything she needs to become the child and the person she deserves to be. There will be hard times ahead.... there are already many hard times behind us. But I already know that the good times will always outweigh the hard times. She has taught me so much in such a short time and seeing life from a new perspective is a privilege that not many of us get the chance to experience.

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