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They say your eyes reflect your health. Your eyes are arguably the most important feature on your face.  In fact, most people notice your eyes before they see anything else.  

Enhancing your eyes and caring for them should be a priority, in terms of both health and beauty. It’s not hard to make your eyes stand out.  However, a lot of people don’t know how to choose beauty products that are best in terms of safety.

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4 Ways to Keep Eyes Beautiful & Healthy

Are you putting on makeup the right way? Are you harming your eyes because you’re not doing it right? Try these 4 simple tips that will make your eyes more noticeable and beautiful everyday.

1 – Take care of your eyes to maintain their beauty

Before you apply any makeup to your eyes, it is important to properly care for this important feature on your face.  Your eyes are extremely delicate and are susceptible to premature aging if you do not utilize a proper skin system.

In addition to regular cleansing, make sure to use a special cream around the eye area.  Also, consider anti aging eye products to prevent wrinkles from occurring around the eyes.  With proper care, you can maintain the beauty of your eyes, so that they always look their best.

2 – To enhance eye color and keep your peepers healthy, use only an eye shadow that’s clinically proven to be safe for use around the eyes

After properly caring for your eyes, you can take advantage of makeup to enhance the shape of your eyes.  Eye shadow is one of the best tools out there to brighten and pop this beautiful feature. Make sure you choose one that has been proven safe for use around your peepers. This information is usually found on the label – make sure to look for it before buying any eye makeup!

In general, you should choose a satin shadow that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.  This will be your base color. Then, apply shadow on your lids to pop your eye color.  If you are more natural, brown, taupe, and gold are good color options.  However, if you want to use something more colorful, choose something that is the opposite of your eye color on the color wheel.  For example, if your eyes are green, pick a purple shadow. This is one of the best ways to enhance your eye color.

3 – Take advantage of eyeliner that’s safe for your eyes

Eyeliners can cause pore clogging and eye irritation, so make sure you choose a trusted brand. However, many steer clear of eyeliners because they are easy to misuse.

If you are worried about looking like a raccoon because you have applied too much, choose a lighter brown instead of a black.  Then, smudge the line with a Q-tip or a makeup brush.  Also, consider lining just your top lashes instead of your bottom.  This looks a little more natural and it helps lift the eyes.

4 – Choose a mascara brand that you can trust

Some types of mascara are not safe for use if you’re using contact lenses. If you happen to be wearing contacts, make sure that your mascara brand plainly states that it is okay to use together with your lenses.

Obviously, no one is suggesting that you create spider lashes on your eyes.  However, you should make an effort to apply a few coats so that your lashes stand out properly.  Otherwise, putting on mascara is pointless.  Also, make sure to remember when you apply several coats it does not mean that you have to re-dip your brush into the tube.  Instead, you probably have enough on your brush for a few coats when first open the mascara.

Hopefully, these 4 suggestions will help you to better emphasize your most important feature without forgetting to care for your eyes’ health.  With a little prudence and patience, your efforts will make a big difference!



Stef dela Cruz is a doctor-columnist who received the Dean Bacala Academic Excellence Award from the University of Santo Tomas and the Health Media Award from the Department of Health. She is the human of three cats and a dog. Stalk her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – she won’t sue.

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