To celebrate hitting 30,000 views on here, I decided to set myself a challenge. I wanted to see if I could come up with 30 wishes for my future. It was a real challenge coming up with 30, but I managed it. Once I’d done it, I wondered if other people would be able to do the same. So to you, reader, have a look at my 30 wishes and see if you can come up with 30 of your own!

  1. Get out of hospital before Christmas.
  2. Never go back to a psych ward.
  3. Be more confident at meeting new people.
  4. Defeat my spider phobia completely.
  5. Conquer my fear of making phone calls – I can make a phone call but I get very anxious when I do, I want the anxiety to go!
  6. Be open about my diagnosis and my identity.
  7. Be able to concentrate on books and start reading more.
  8. Improve my sleeping pattern so that I’m able to get out of bed in the morning and fall asleep at a reasonable time at night.
  9. Get over my food-phobia of onions. Seriously!
  10. Get back to work and off benefits – this one will be a slow one as I will start off with voluntary work and do it for a while before taking the plunge into paid work.
  11. Get paid for something I write.
  12. Linking to the previous two, earn enough as a writer to live off.
  13. Get my memoir published by a publisher (rather than self-published).
  14. Restart Still Here magazine and make it a success.
  15. Have a piece of music published.
  16. Become a formal educator for Time to Change Wales and do at least one presentation for them.
  17. Get a flat and live independently.
  18. Dye my hair, even just once, so I could see what I look like with darker hair. I’ve never dyed my hair before!
  19. Get a dog or other pet.
  20. Go swimming and become more active.
  21. Run the London Marathon.
  22. Learn to play the guitar and/or the drums.
  23. Get a full motorbike licence, rather than the provisional one I currently have.
  24. Go on the Big Dipper at Blackpool.
  25. Do a bungee jump and/or a skydive. The latter will be quite difficult though, as I’m terrified of flying!
  26. Go whitewater rafting.
  27. Go to New York to visit the World Trade Center and 9/11 memorial.
  28. Go to a football stadium and watch a football match, preferably watching a Manchester United match at Old Trafford (yes I know, please don’t judge me!).
  29. See Within Temptation live. (They’re a symphonic metal band by the way.)
  30. Get my blog to go over 40,000 hits by this time next year!

Now that I’ve given my 30 wishes for the future do you think that you could come up with 30 wishes for the future? If you can come up with 30, post them in the comment section below. I just want to see how many people can do this. I think it could be therapeutic for others to do this because writing about wishes for the future is a positive step in mental health. It shows you are looking ahead, believing you have a future, plus a list like this could give you something to aim for in life when you’re feeling down. The wishes can be short-term or long-term, but try and come up with 30.

So have a go, see if you can come up with 30 wishes, and post them in the comment section. Apologies about the CAPCHA code, but it does drastically reduce the number of spammers I get!


Katy Gray

I started suffering with the symptoms of schizophrenia at the age of 18, but it wasn't until I was 21 before I was diagnosed. My diagnosis was recently updated to paranoid schizophrenia, but I refuse to be known by a label. I am a person first and my illness last. I am always trying to break the stigma that surrounds mental health, schizophrenia in particular, and write as much as I can to try and achieve this.

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