Today marks the end of a blogging journey – the last post in my weaning blog! My little one turned 1 at the end of September, and is now 12 1/2 months old. She is now eating normal family meals (without the addition of salt/sugar), and also stopped breastfeeding about a week before her first birthday, so no longer has milk as a main drink. At the age of 1, a baby can drink cow’s milk and water as main drinks. My little is not too keen on cow’s milk, so she has water to drink, and I make sure she has at least 3 portions of dairy foods every day to ensure her calcium intake is sufficient. To give you a snapshot of her current food intake, here is today’s dietary intake:

Today’s food intake:

8.00 – breakfast:  1 weatabix made with whole milk, and a small handful of dry cornflakes. Water to drink

10.00 – snack: 8 grapes, water

12.15 – lunch: 1 piece of bread with olive spread, 2 slices of cheese, 3 prunes, 1/2 clementine. Water to drink

3.30 – snack: 1 wholewheat cracker, water

5.00 – dinner: homemade chicken & bacon pasta bake (chicken breast, unsmoked bacon, onion, pepper, carrots, pasta, creamy sauce (cornflour, milk & low fat cream cheese). Pudding: fromage frais, chunk of apple


Enjoying a (very small) portion of homemade birthday cake

Enjoying a (very small) portion of homemade birthday cake

As per previous posts, you can use this food intake as a guide, but please remember to be guided by your baby and advice from your Health Visitor – you know your baby best. If you need tailored weaning advice, please do get in touch via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter @expertdietitian. 


Annemarie Aburrow

Annemarie graduated from the University of Southampton in 2003 with a first class honours in Physiology with Nutrition. She went on to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics at Cardiff Metropolitan University, leading to registration as a Dietitian. Between 2005 and 2013, Annemarie worked for the NHS in a wide variety of clinical and community roles. More recently, she has specialised in health promotion and prescribing support. She has particular experience in obesity management (both adults and children), diabetes, nutrition for the under 5s and nutritional supplement prescribing. In 2013, Annemarie left the NHS to set up her private practice 'Expert Dietitian'. She now works as a freelance Dietitian, offering private consultations in Hampshire, telephone and Skype appointments, corporate nutrition consultancy and bespoke training. She has a growing portfolio of project work, including working with her local council to provide nutrition training and expertise to Early Years settings, article writing, work with schools and running training/workshops. Annemarie is a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

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