Just a quick update as to what happened at ward round today. My leave has gone to two hours unescorted again (as in, I can go by myself), which I’m not 100% happy with, but I did manage to go out for most of the two hours today by myself. I’m still on the section at my request and my psychiatrist is saying that when I’m ready to come off it, I’ll be off it straight away.

With regards to the meds, I will be going back on quetiapine next week. I thought it would be started tonight, but apparently not until next week. I’ve also got to have one more depot, which I’m really annoyed at, as I thought last week’s injection was the last one. So now I’ve a whole week to stress about the next injection. Fun.

I saw an advocate yesterday who is going to look into getting housing sorted for me. I’m going to be moving into a flat of my own on discharge and I’ve got a family friend who may be able to help me get a flat in the location I want. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow all being well and will talk to her about it all then. I should also be getting support worker sessions back this week or next, which is positive.

So I think that’s it. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, I’ll add it on the end of this.


Katy Gray

I started suffering with the symptoms of schizophrenia at the age of 18, but it wasn't until I was 21 before I was diagnosed. My diagnosis was recently updated to paranoid schizophrenia, but I refuse to be known by a label. I am a person first and my illness last. I am always trying to break the stigma that surrounds mental health, schizophrenia in particular, and write as much as I can to try and achieve this.

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