January has seen the return of our ever popular NHS Choices Weight Management Clinic in partnership with The Healthy Portion Plate, B-eat, MGEDT and HOOP. Has Christmas left you feeling like you may have over-indulged? Are you generally an emotional eater? Is your resolution to hit the gym already failing? Or do you have the opposite problem that you find it hard to gain weight?

Whatever your query our experts are waiting to hear it! Click on the graphic below to be taken to the clinic to post your question.

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We’ve got some fantastic experts for this month’s clinic…..don’t miss your opportunity to get their expert advice!


Here are a few of the questions which have been answered so far:

“There are lots of products around that advertise as being useful for before or after exercise. Are these necessary? If not what foods/drinks are recommended to have before or after exercise without putting excess weight on whilst having high energy levels to complete a good workout?”

“There are many products that claim to assist with weight management. Are there any products or medications that are recommended to assist with weight management and if so how effective are these?”

“Hi there my son is now 11 weeks and im very self conscious over my stretchmarks and my baby belly. Please help on good exercises and health eating to follow please? Also any suggestions on getting rid of stretchmarks?!

“I am an emotional eater. I weigh 26stone and have done mywhole adult life. When I get anxious or stressed or both I eat and eat and many times I have no memory of what I’ve eaten. I’m a post graduate, I’m not stupid but over eating is my problem. I do not smoke or drink. It’s hard to access help, dietitian and doctors focus on what I eat and the amounts but they don’t understand about emotional over eating. I wonder if I should be referred to a psychiatrist? Any advice truly welcome”

To see the expert answers to these questions and to post your own visit the clinic NOW – http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=456



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