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Last week talkhealth went to the very busy Natural & Organic Product Show up in Olympia.  We were so pleased to see so many friendly faces including Pravera, silicolgel and Salcura to name but a few…… It is absolutely amazing in the last few years how many new products have become available to people suffering from allergies, skin conditions, bowel issues et al.

Consumers are now savvy in understanding their products and want to be properly educated – just saying organic on a product or having great branding and packaging is not enough.  At talkhealth we offer a place for you to find more detailed information and sample such products, as we are keen that you as a consumer should be as fully educated and informed as possible before you decide to try a product.  We are well aware of the heart break of trying yet another ‘miracle’ that has promised so much (and cost so much) to be yet another disappointment.

If there are any products or services that you think our visitors would be interested in reading more about please let us know.



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