Boy Using An InhalerThere are some big health stories in the news today after the long bank holiday weekend . As we all know health problems never abide by the Mon-Fri 9-5:30 rule and the more we educate ourselves about the issues we are or might in the future be faced with, particularly if they are things that we can actually prevent and actively do something about, we can ensure that we are as prepared as possible.  (The below points are listed in no particular order.)

Asthma headlines – ‘Complacency is costing lives’ … Asthma UK report

“..the National Review of Asthma Deaths shows that almost half of deaths could have been avoided with better routine care. It has identified prescribing errors of a horrifying scale and is a damning indictment of current routine practice. It also found that even people with mild asthma are at risk of a serious asthma attack and reinforces the need for vigilance in managing asthma.  
Every 10 seconds someone in the UK is having a potentially life threatening asthma attack. Asthma attacks kill 3 people each day and the UK has amongst the highest death rates from asthma in Europe. Most tragically many of these deaths could be prevented.”  To read full details visit Asthma UK.

A report published by the BBC and Community Care – found that mental health patients were in some cases being sent to hospitals up to 300 miles from their homes to find care.  The investigation cited 5 keys points: more patients being sent out of area; patients being sent up to 300 miles for care; the cost is millions to NHS trusts; some days there no beds are available in the country; social care cuts are contributing to the problem.  For more information visit Community Care.

Diabetes UK have just published a report with the shocking headlines that “one in every seven hospital beds is occupied by someone with diabetes“.  The report shows that the NHS are spending £10 billion per year on diabetes care, with the money being used often ineffectively.  Diabetes UK cite improving education and quality of care can reduce both costs and the risk of debilitating complications such as foot amputation.  Visit Diabetes UK to read the report.

Education as always is key to the management and care of people who suffer with chronic conditions in particular.  Education should start from childhood in understanding how our bodies work – and no different to any engine they need to be respected and looked after, but perhaps that’s a subject for another blog post…..







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