If you live with eczema then you know that using emollients regularly is a vital part of an overall routine. But do you know how they work, and more importantly how much emollient to use? Molnlycke Healthcare, manufacturers of the Epaderm range have put together this simple guide to help you manage your eczema effectively.

Emollients have an occlusive effect, meaning that they form a film over your skin that traps water and prevents excessive evaporation. This additional moisture increases the elasticity and pliability of the skin which restores the epidermal

barrier and as a result may reduce the amount of steroid use over a lifetime.

So, how much emollient should you use?

Emollients should be applied at least twice a day. The minimum weekly requirement for covering the whole body is 500g – 800g for adults and children over ten, and 250g – 500g for children under ten.

For decades, Epaderm has been easing eczema and dry skin problems and is recommended by health care professionals. Available as an ointment or a cream, Epaderm is suitable for use by people of all ages, including babies.

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