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An interesting article appeared in the Mail Online today stating that not only can being stressed at work make you feel
tired, grumpy and stressed, it can also significantly increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes – even if you’re not overweight.

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The findings – published by journal Psychosomatic Medicine – showed that even among workers with relatively healthy BMIs, stress at work was still a significant risk factor.

  • One in five are affected by high levels of stress at work
  • Raised levels of stress hormones upsets the bodies glucose levels
  • Which can damage the body’s circulation and major organs
  • If trends continue four million Brits will be affected by diabetes by 2025

It’s not clear how high levels of job strain lead to diabetes. The article discussed a possible cause being that constant exposure to raised levels of stress hormones upsets the body’s glucose balance. It is well documented that high blood glucose levels can damage the body’s circulation and major organs, however less expected that stress at work may lead to this.Type 2 was once known as ‘late onset’ diabetes because of its tendency to strike from middle-age onwards, but it is now being seen in more people in their teens and twenties.

Dr Alasdair Rankin, director of research at Diabetes UK,  said “scientists are beginning to investigate the role that stress and long working hours play in the development of the condition”.

The article suggests that by reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes by managing your weight, through a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise is likely to help you manage work strain.

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