At the end of each day, we Brits love nothing more than to sink into our mattresses and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this is only a reality for a relatively small amount of the population with following research carried out by Feather & Black claiming just 10% of us think we’re good sleepers.

According to their research, the reasons for our troubled sleep are numerous with everything from stimulants such as caffeine to distractions such as smartphones getting in the way of our journeys to the land of nod. If you’re looking for ways to join the 10% who are lucky enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep, then this sleep advice could help:

Cut out caffeine

Scots are prolific offenders when it comes to one of the most common causes of difficulty sleeping –caffeine. As a stimulant, drinking caffeinated products in the evening can make it more difficult to drift off with people from Scotland and Northern Ireland often drinking coffee (which is particularly high in caffeine) after 5pm.

Unsurprisingly, a significant number of people in these areas classified themselves as ‘bad sleepers’, accounting for 37% and 44% of their respective populations.

By limiting your caffeine intake during the evening you can ensure you give your body the best chance of drifting off to sleep quickly and easily. Some individuals really struggle to switch off at night – with those in England’s South West taking an average of 2 hours to get to sleep – and the stimulating effects of caffeine will only exacerbate this situation.

Enjoy a silent night

Not all sleep disturbances are caused by our own actions and sometimes it is others who ruin our attempts to snooze. Men from Yorkshire claimed it was restless bed partners who kept them awake at night while those from the Midlands put the blame on noise.

A silent night is conducive to a good night’s sleep so make sure you invest in suitable double glazing to keep external noises where they belong – outside. Turning phones and other gadgets off or onto silent mode is also advisable and means late night messages won’t disturb your slumber.

This is something Londoners would do well to take heed of considering that many of them openly admit to making Facebook and Twitter their bed partners.

Get the right bed

Finally, a good sleeper is only as good as his or her bedroom. To learn how to get a good night’s sleep, you need to invest in the right materials – a sturdy bedframe topped with a supportive, firm and comfortable mattress.

Lumpy mattresses were a source of sleep despair for residents of East Anglia where 39% of the population felt they were ‘bad sleepers’ but this problem can be easily rectified by investing in a new mattress from a reputable firm.

How to Sleep Better: Sleep Tips & Advice covers a range of topics from managing bedtime routines for children to understanding how to create the right environment in your bedroom and is available for free download.


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