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Recently we were pleased to announce our collaboration with the charity Skin Deep Behind the Mask across all of our skin related forums. skin-awareness updated logo sml

Together it is our belief and aim that this will provide a greater support network and platform for people to talk about life with chronic skin conditions.
Skin Deep Behind the Mask is a fantastic charity offering not only advice for dealing with many skin conditions but also for fast becoming a driving force behind promoting skin awareness in terms of research and education.

The commitment to these objectives was obvious yesterday when Shabana Islam, Founder – Skin Deep Behind the Mask, bravely shared her journey so far in national and international newspapers including ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Mirror’. The article describes the physical and mental pain which Shabana has experienced whilst living with her yet to be diagnosed skin condition, they also show where the passion for Skin Deep Behind the Mask was born.

shabana 1 shabana 2

You can read more about Shabana and her journey in The Daily Mail – Shabana Islam

Help us and Skin Deep Behind the Mask support those living with Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin Cancer by sharing our forums.


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