As a responsible blogger,  I want to let everyone know that this product was provided to me free of charge to try.  All opinion expressed are my honest assessment of the product and I have not been paid to say any of this information.

Dehydration is just the worst:  I personally have been there too many times to count and can easily tell if I’m dehydrated.  I recently was given the opportunity to try an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) called DripDrop and believe that this product may help prevent future trips to the ER and quite possibly be a magical cure for hangovers on college campuses everywhere.

But in all reality, most people have been dehydrated at one point or another from working out, being sick or drinking too much.  Dehydration often presents itself with a headache, decreased and concentrated urine, dizziness, and an overall feeling of being unwell.  Those are just the outward signs of dehydration, because internally it can reek havoc.

There are two things you probably don’t know about dehydration
1) Water alone is probably not going to fix your dehydration 2) In extreme circumstances, the imbalance of electrolytes in your body can cause your body to shut down.

At this point you might be beginning to realize how serious of an issue dehydration can become when your body isn’t maintaining a balance of electrolytes.  For those of us with chronic illnesses, dehydration can become a constant battle that we often lose. Before being introduced to DripDrop, I had not found an effective treatment for dehydration, other than a midweek trip to the ER for fluids.  

My Struggle with Dehydration: See when I had my ostomy, I was putting out so much fluid from my ostomy that I physically could not stay hydrated for 24 hours. No matter how much water, gatorade and other fluids I drank, it wasn’t balanced correctly, so I continued to get dehydrated.  

We tried to make our own Oral Rehydration Solution, but that stuff tastes nasty and I couldn’t palate the solution.  So I needed up having to do IV fluids every night in my dorm room to avoid almost daily trips to the ER.  Needless to say, IV fluids in a dorm room aren’t exactly indicative of a “ballin” college social life.  I would have done anything for a way to rehydrate orally.

Problem Solved by DripDrop: Do you see how dehydration can be a huge problem?  Well, thankfully, a product called DripDrop helps this problem of dehydration.


Quick Facts:

  • Tastes Great: Lemon & Berry Flavored
  • Clinically proven to better hydrate
  • 60 mEq of Sodium
  • 20 mEq of Potassium
  • 2-3 times the electrolytes of sports drinks

After using this product for several weeks from the free trials sent to me by DripDrop, I found DripDrop to be highly effective as an ORS.  Even though, dehydration is not sending me to the ER, I still have tachycardia (fast heart beat) that can be aggravated by an imbalance of electrolytes.
DripDropdid not eliminate my tachycardia, but it did help me rebalance my electrolytes when my heart rate was resting at 120.  In fact, when my heart rate is bothering me, the first thing I do is reach for a packet of DripDrop in order to ensure that I’m properly hydrated.  I’ve learned that consuming the ORS gives me peace of mind that my electrolytes are balanced and not causing my tachycardia.

BIG PLUS, it tastes great:  Although there is still a tinge of medical taste, it overall tastes great! In fact, the other day I gave a packet to my very hungover friend and she thought it tasted like lemonade!  She also called it her “magical hangover cure.” I think she makes a valid point to be honest!
Tasting great AND being an ORS is a big accomplishment, because there are very few flavored ORSs available and all other ones I have tried, have tasted terrible.

For the mothers out there: The product has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and is used by leading doctors and pediatricians to treat dehydration.  In basic terms, the product supplies the right amounts and ratios of sodium, sugar and water to efficiently replace your bodies fluids and electrolytes.

I know this was kind of a long post, but I wanted to show you a problem I have struggled with, dehydration, and the solution that was provided to me, DripDrop.  I honestly wish I had used DripDrop when I had my ostomy (which is now reversed) because I probably could have avoided a lot of ER trips. I truly recommend this product to everyone and think it can help prevent and treat dehydration, no matter what the cause.  Because of all the surgeries I have had, staying hydrated may always be an issue for me, meaning DripDrop will forever be a part of my not so normal life.


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