Have you ever experienced back pain so intense that you feel like you can’t do anything? Small everyday tasks become so difficult leaving you feel like you are missing out on leading a normal life. Well you are not alone as more than half of the UK workforce are affected by back pain every year resulting in thousands of sicks days.

Different people have different ways of treating their pain with many spending large amounts of money on costly ongoing services such as acupuncture or visiting a chiropractic. Help is at hand though as we explore some of the best tips to ensure that your pack pain goes away…for good!

Yoga and Pilates

A study by the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health found that those who regularly practised lyengar yoga had a significant reduction in the amount of back pain that they experienced. The study was conducted over 6 months with over 90 participants trying out a variety of yoga positions to see if they could help eliviate their back pain for good.

The research by the NCCIH is also further backed by experienced pilates instructor Anne-Marie Zulkahari who has stated for years that exercise such as this can help improve every aspect of your body from posture and muscle tone to core strength and joint mobility.

Sleeping Comfortably

http://www.mynextmattress.co.uk/silentnight-tokyo-divan-miracoil-mirapocket-mattress.html?attribute163=136&attribute147=24Are you sleeping comfortably? And by that we don’t just mean getting a good eight hours kip every night! The mattress that you have on your bed can affect your posture and contribute to any back pain that you are experiencing. Finding the right mattress is easy when you know what you are looking for:

Memory foam mattresses:

As soon as you sit or lay on this type of mattress it will immediately begin to mould to your shape ensuring that your body weight is evenly distributed. Once the pressure is removed from it then the mattress will look to move back to its original shape.

Mammoth mattresses:
A great combination of innovation and technology – the mammoth mattresses are specifically designed to combat back pain and are considered a medical grade foam. This type of luxurious mattress will give you a comfortable and undisturbed nights sleep – just what the doctor ordered!

Pocket sprung mattresses:
This type of mattress will independently adapt to your body which will ensure that you are undisturbed by a partners movement whilst also preventing you from rolling off. The high quality springs give this mattress a unique feel and help you feel more comfortable.

Stay Active – Exercise

A common myth regarding back pain is that doing exercise will make the pain and discomfort more unbearable. However, doctors actually recommend staying active which will help contribute to reducing the back pain that you are experiencing as you will be strengthening the muscles around the affected area.

Two popular low impact exercises to do if you are experiencing back pain are swimming and walking – if you complete just a small amount of exercise every couple of days then you could find it to help relive you of any pain.


http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bad_posture.jpgFor those whose job requires them to sit at desk for more than a few hours every day then the way you sit can dramatically affect any aches or pains that you experience. If you have a poor posture while sitting then your spine will get used to that shape and position which can lead to further discomfort. A good posture, keeping yourself straight while sitting and standing, will not only help relive any back pain but also make you look more confident!


People who stretch regularly will get the benefit of working the soft tissue around key muscle groups as well as the ligaments and tendons. The above stretches can help reduce any pain you may be experiencing as long as you carry them out on a regular basis.


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