Many of us are much more aware of our need for good nutrition than ever before – but even more people are confused and bewildered by the contradicting advice, and ever-emerging string of ‘super foods’ we are advised to include every day for optimum health. However even those savvy enough to have a better understanding of nutrition still often have a ‘calories in and calories out’ mentality – especially when we’ve been actively encouraged to count them, even if we are not overweight.

In fact, it has been shown that our energy depends on what foods we eat, their quality and the nutrients they contain rather than simply quantity and calories which help us to maintain a healthy body.

Gut Health

Many health issues are said to begin in the gut. Given our stressful lifestyles and over-dependence on fad diets, our digestive systems have really taken a bashing. Add that to most people eating on the go, skipping meals and relying heavily on processed convenience food, and it’s hardly any wonder that cases of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive complaints are higher than ever before.

You may or may not have heard of microbiotics, but the principles behind a diet rich in these tiny clever bacteria are vital information for anyone lacking in energy or feeling like their diet lacks that little extra something.

In essence, microbiotics go deeper than calories to properly nourish and feed our bodies. They are found in certain clever foods (such as natural yoghurt and fermented foods) and help to feed and populate the good bacteria which reside in your gut – so they can help to keep bad bacteria (which can cause digestive issues and pain) at bay. They also enable you to absorb the nutrients you consume through food much more easily, leading to a much healthier, happier body all round.

Consumed regularly, microbiotics can help you to maintain glowing skin, a healthy weight and can alleviate the upsetting and difficult symptoms of digestive discomfort such as cramps, diarrhoea and constipation – great news for anybody with digestive problems such as candida overgrowth or IBS.

How to introduce microbiotics

So how do you get more of these helpful bacteria in your diet? Many simply can’t be found in our foods anymore due to processing and refinement – so if you want to get an adequate amount and feel the full effect, then taking a supplement is the answer. Taking microbiotics in tablet form is arguably the best way to fully gain all of the benefits available – and at Udo’s Choice, we’ve applied our invaluable experience to create several products which pack a significant nutritional punch whilst being suitable for all requirements and ages.

There are different strains of bacteria each with different benefits and uses in the body – so we ensure that each of our products has the perfect amount of each type of bacteria across several strains for maximum efficiency. We also incorporate a higher dose of potent probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus, which has been proven in studies to promote good gut flora and ease digestive discomfort.

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