That’s right you read it correctly. Two dietitians are going on a trip around the world. Yipee! It’s been a couple of years in the planning – well when I say planning I mean saving money – and come September 2015 we are off for a whole year 🙂 It’s quite unbelievable, an around the world trip is truly the most exciting thing to plan.


Anyway the reason for me telling you this is because we will introduce a travel section to the blog.  It will not always be completely FODMAP related, but I am sure we will pick up loads of inspiration for creating some amazing low FODMAP recipes from around the world.

In fact we plan to bring you ‘Around The World In 80 Low FODMAP Dishes’ – a collection of the best low FODMAP foods and recipes as we travel the globe.

However as we have planned the whole thing ourselves (after getting poor service and increased costs from STA – wait for the next post!) we have learnt so much that will help the budget traveller that we wanted to share the information.

So where are we going I hear you ask, well…………

The Philippines







New Zealand





Costa Rica





and Cuba

As you can probably guess we are super excited.  Right now the two places we are looking forward to the most are Laos and Colombia.  Laos because we think it will be different to anywhere else on the trip and has an air of mystery about it still.  While Colombia because after its violent and drug past from the early 1990’s it is now a much changed place with a great music scene and a stunningly beautiful country.

Also as it has turned out the route we are taking basically visits nearly every one of the worlds largest coffee producers!  So we are basically travelling around the bean belt.  Really looking forward to visiting some coffee plantations and trying loads of different world coffees.

The Bean Belt

The next few posts in this Travel Section will be all about budget travelling tips we have learnt during the last 6 months of travel planning.  As we travel we will add FODMAP recipes from around the world. We hope you enjoy this edition to the blog and please do get in touch with any travel tips you have for the countries we are visiting or tips in general for a budget around the world trip.

So for now take a look at some photos of our first stop Boracay island in the Philippines, and we will be back in touch soon…….


BoracayFrom Google Images



Skype image

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Lee is a UK Registered Dietitian who worked as a researcher at King’s College London University researching the low FODMAP diet for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Previously Lee worked for the NHS with many years’ experience of treating IBS. Lee has run a popular blog on the low FODMAP diet since 2013 where you can learn all about his experiences of following the low FODMAP diet, find information on the research behind the diet, the practicalities of implementing the diet along with low FODMAP meal and baking recipes. This year Lee has published the first ever book dedicated to the reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet. More information on the book entitled ‘Re-challenging and Reintroducing FODMAPS: A self-help guide to the entire reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet’ can be found on the website

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