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26 Jun 2015

Ask the pharmacist is a great service which provides you the opportunity to ask about any topic you like. This includes medicines, advice and confidential questions. If you have a question you’d rather not ask face to face or simply want advice – our team of pharmacists are on hand.

The forum is always open as we like to provide you a 24/7 service. You can either log into the forum and post a question directly – or if you would prefer, talkhealth can post a question on your behalf, simply email us your question to
Our experts from Rowlands Pharmacy… Rod Grundy, Justine Greenwood and Sarah Buchan will be available every Thursday on the forum to post an answer to your questions & health concerns.
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Here’s one of Ask the pharmacist latest questions;

Q) My daughter had her first menstruation at 14 years old. She only had 2 cycles and stopped. What could cause this other than pregnancy?

A) Hello and thank you for your question,
In order for me to establish a full picture, can I ask how long your daughter has now been without a period? Has she started any new medication or changed her lifestyle in anyway; for example her exercise regime? Does she suffer from any symptoms at all?
There are a few medical reasons why periods may stop, however it may be worth noting that it usually takes a few cycles for a girl’s periods to settle into a routine when they first start. If you are concerned then please make an appointment at the GP. However if you are able to answer my questiperiod_painsons above I may be able to give you a more specific response.
Kind regards



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