Are you one of the ten million office workers in the UK? Have you ever thought about your work station and how much time during the day you spend sat down on your chair? Well according to BUPA around 1 in 3 of us will experience back pain, so what can you do to help avoid it?

If you are looking for one way to have the comfort and support you need for your back then you should consider an ergonomic chair. Designed for convenience these chairs assist the user’s physical and mental capabilities in a bid to enhance productivity and help them make the most from their day.

Professionals and Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting for an extended period of time at your desk can result in a great strain on the lower back – this is due to the weight from the upper back resting on the lower part of the body which can cause strain to the inter-vertebral discs and over time leave you in severe pain and discomfort. An ergonomic chair can assist by increasing the blood flow to the body and relieve the pressure that the weight causes. The improved posture as a result of the chair will also help eliminate any ongoing pain as it assists with redistributing the weight.

Ergonomic chairs can be designed for everyone in a business from the CEO to a new starter and with a range of adjustment options including height, and tilt lock you can perfectly position the chair to give you the maximum support.

Choosing the Right Chair

There are different types of ergonomic chairs available so it is important that you get the one you require. People who already have damage to their back could benefit from a chair specifically designed at targeting lower back pain as they provide the exact support that they need. An Ergonomic Low Back Mesh Office Chair is an affordable choice for professionals who require additional back support and make a great addition to any office.

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