This was a question posed today on the BBC2 Chris Evans Radio show and caught my attention as I drove into the talkhealth office this morning.

One of Chris Evan’s colleagues says he’s just started getting hay fever this year at the age of 28. I can identify with this as I didn’t start getting hay fever until I was in my 40’s!

So Chris’s “not so mystery guest” today was one of our very own allergy experts Dr Joanna Lukawska.

Whilst most people’s allergies are established by the time they are 20, there are increasing numbers of cases where people don’t start experiencing symptoms until they are older, according to Dr Lukawska.

Symptoms of hay fever

I’ve just come back from annual leave having had a wonderful holiday in Portugal. I hadn’t been to Portugal for about 8 years and completely forgot that the last time I was there I had horrendous hay fever – caused by the pine trees. And guess what? Day 2 and my eyes started to get sore and run. Within a few hours I was suffering the full effects of the beautiful pine tree clad scenery. With only over-the-counter antihistamines, I was unable to completely quash the symptoms, although they gave me some relief.

Since I’ve been back, the symptoms have completely subsided and no one would ever know I have hay fever.

For more information about hay fever take a look at our hay fever section on talkallergy.



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