talkhealth and NHS Choices have teamed up with Bladder & Bowel Foundation, The IBS Network and PromoCon to present an Online Clinic on Bladder, Bowel & Digestive Health – open now!

We recently received a press release from Never Too Young who launched a bowel cancer campaign in 2013 aimed to change the debate and to highlight the experiences of younger people with bowel cancer, to share their stories and to improve their diagnosis treatment and care, with effect to help save more lives. The Research method used to collect data was an online survey completed by over 400 people.  

Here are some of the statistics they found out:

In the UK there are on estimate 2,100 people under the age of 50 diagnosed with bowel cancer every year, only 5% of elveryone diagnosed. Statistics now show an increase of under 50’s being diagnosed is up by 2.5% since 2004. Three out of five people are diagnosed under 50 in the UK.

talkhealth want to understand more about this issue and help increase the success rate of treatments. Our Online Clinic on Bladder, Bowel & Digestive Health will help increase awareness on the issues and give you the chance to get advice from leading experts and support from charities and other people suffering from similar symptoms. 

We are really excited to provide you with this online clinic and hope to increase awareness of bladder, bowel and digestive problems with the view to providing valuable expert advice and support.



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