You may recognize the name Tom Pellereau as he was the winner of the 2011 series of The Apprentice and is also a well-respected inventor and creator of the Nipper Clipper.

The Nipper Clipper is the first ever nail clipper especially designed for babies. The innovative design includes a safety spy hole that allows parents to see exactly what they nipper clipperare clipping, giving them full control over the situation. The product also comes with added features such as a baby nail file and distraction app; the app is called Timmy Tickle Baby and it helps keep active babies occupied whilst using the Nipper Clipper. This lets parents trim their babies nails safely and effectively, making it a smooth and easy process.

“When I found out I was due to become a Dad I started thinking about how to make clipping baby nails easier. My latest invention, the Nipper Clipper, is the world’s first baby nail clipper with a safety spy hole, baby nail file and distraction app that allows parents to trim nails safely and correctly.” – Tom Pellereau

talkhealth love to make you happy so that’s why we have a very special Freebie Friday giveaway this week with a Nipper Clipper signed by Tom Pellereau himself! To get your hands on this prize all you have to do is follow us on Twitter and look out for our #FreebieFriday tweet… Good luck!



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