Pishwanton WoodFor those of you who are interested in electrosensitivity – either because you are electrosensitive yourself or because you worry about the excessive amounts of electromagnetic radiation we are all being subjected to – a few updates.

There’s a letter in the BMJ by ES-UK trustee Dr Andrew Tresidder responding to a discussion on the widespread deployment of WiFi throughout our hospitals. It says nothing that those of us familiar with the subject do not already know – but is a good introduction for those who are less familiar with the subject. And it includes the oh-so-true warning:

History tells us that technological advance ALWAYS precedes safety considerations in all industries (see use of car safety belts, Xrays and asbestos for example), and the rollout of 24 hour transmitting wifi, cordless phones, and other technology has been on the presumption of no harm.

For those who wish to delve more deeply into the subject there is a long but fascinating report on a recent ES conference which includes discussions by Dr Dominique Belpomme, Dr Lennart Hardell, Dr Olle Johansson, Dr David Carpenter, Igor Belyaev, Dr William Rea and others. You’ll find the it on the Microwave Factor blogsite. To whet your  appetite, a couple of fascinating points:

For those of you who have had problems with histamine (and if Dr Joneja’s Q&A series is anything to go by, that is a lot of you), Dr Dominique Belpomme, who treats more than 1,200 people with EHS and/or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, found many of his patients have abnormally high levels of histamine (a marker of inflammation), IgE antibodies (a sign of allergy), heat shock proteins HSP27 and/or HSP70 (cellular stress), S100B protein (cerebral suffering) as well as anti-O-myelin antibodies (cellular stress), and lower levels of vitamin D (metabolic anomaly) and urinary melatonin (EMFs halt production of this vital tumor-fighting hormone which regulates our biological clock). Besides the need for lowering EMF exposure as a top priority, Dr Belpomme said promising EHS treatments include using antihistamine medication, natural anti-inflammatories such Ginkgo biloba and especially Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP) which favors cerebral blood flow and which is also used to stimulate the immune system in AIDS patients, as well as vitamins and minerals which are lacking in people with EHS.

• Metal sensitivity. Belpomme also noted the treatment must be tailored to each patient’s specific biological profile and symptoms. Many of them for example have high levels of heavy metals which are neurotoxic and all metals (worn or implanted) act like antennas capturing radiofrequencies.

• Wifi in schools. Dr David Carpenter, founding dean of Albany (New York) University’s School of Public Health, and presently its head of the Institute for Health and the Environment, said that a classroom full of children using laptops hooked up to the Internet with wireless Wi-Fi routers can «generate an enormous level of radiofrequencies (RFs) which may be enough to trigger the development of EHS which will continue for life».

• Dodgy industry research. Henry Lai, a Research Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, who has been studying the biological effects of EMFs since 1980, analyzed funding sources of 326 studies performed on cell phone effects between 1990 and 2006. He found that 73% of industry-funded studies were negative (finding no effect) while 68% of  independent studies were positive. He also found 86% of studies showing biological or health effects were funded independently. His conclusion: the fact that 50% of overall studies showing effects is significant enough to justify a precautionary approach that minimizes exposures.

And finally, why was this lovely picture at the top of the blog? Well, because it just could be a possibility for those of you seeking an electro-free retreat.

Pishwanton WoodThis is Pishwanton Wood, the ‘North European Centre for Goethean Science and Art’ or what might be more recognisable to some as a Steiner Centre and part of the Camphill movement. It is situated deep in the Scottish borders in East Lothian.

Jordi Albacete, the Communications and Marketing Officer at Pishwanton wrote to ES-UK pointing out that, ‘as a free electricity project we have no electricity in our buildings which are made entirely of natural materials (no chemicals at all) and hand built by crafts people. No mobile phones or electronic equipment is permitted in any of our buildings or even outside in the 60 acre compound. We try and do all our work by hand or horse traction. The only machine allowed is a lawn-mower and an occasional chain saw. May people have reported how well they feel here and how the effects of electrosmog disappear after few hours.’  

Pishwanton offer two houses for respites and retreat and are building a cabin in Pishwanton which will have no electricity or chemicals in it at all. If you are interested, contact them direct – and enjoy!!




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