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24 Sep 2015


It’s been a busy week and a short one at that as I’m off to Berlin in the morning for 4 days supporting my partner who’s running the Berlin Marathon. For those of you who’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know I’m a recovering runner. I did manage a 5k last weekend, all without stopping, for the first time in 8 months. But I’m not quite at marathon distance, or probably ever will or want to be. Much better to be roaming the streets of Berlin and watching in the crowd!

Tuesday I was out of the office as I attended Digital Works II – Making a Difference, hosted by the PM Society. It was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, which is always a great venue to attend. All of the presentations were excellent, but my favourite snippets were from Kai Gait, Global Digital Director, GSK who talked about a new and long awaited asthma app which is launching imminently and Apple’s new Research Kit technology and mobile health by Alex Butler, MD, The EarthWorks and TEDMed speaker. Lots to take away from this engaging and highly informative event, attended by over 100 pharma and pharma agency professionals.

I struggled to physically get into the office yesterday morning as the office was piled high with Heat Relief Patches used to alleviate joint pain, all waiting to be despatched to the lucky winners of one of our latest freebie giveaways. Might take one or two to Berlin at the weekend as they could come in handy!

The last night I went to see the David Gilmour, Rattle That Lock tour at the Royal Albert Hall. What an amazing night! Music by David Gilmour and lyrics by his wife, Rattle That Lock is a reflection of time passing and the urgency to live what’s left to the fullest. And at 69 years of age, he is certainly doing that. He looked and sounded every bit as good as he did when he was co-lead vocalist of the band Pink Floyd. Even those lucky enough to retire early are filling their lives with hobbies and pursuits that are keeping them every bit as busy as when they worked. Perhaps this is the key to a longer and healthier life! I think I need to take a leaf out of David’s book.

David Gilmour, Rattle That Lock Tour, Royal Albert Hall

David Gilmour, Rattle That Lock Tour, Royal Albert Hall

What was interesting when I was researching David Gilmour a bit further on Google, is how generous he has been towards good causes. According to Wiki, Gilmour sold his house in Little Venice and donated the proceeds (£3.6 million) to Crisis to help fund a housing project for the homeless. He has also been involved with other charities including Oxfam, the European Union Mental Health and Illness Association, and Teenage Cancer Trust to name just a few.

Royal Albert Hall, David Gilmour

Amazing lighting – David Gilmour concert

At at talkhealth, we also work hard to support the work charities provide for those in need. Our online clinic on mental health is being supported by Anxiety UK, and we have a number of experts who will be on hand to answer questions around all aspects of mental health including depression, stress, anxiety and much more from 12-16 October 2015. Please drop in and take a look or post a question for one of our experts if there’s something on your mind.



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