For men, shaving is somewhat of a ritualistic practice, generally passed down from father to son, and is an important part of any man’s personal care routine. In past times shaving was more of a procedure involving a complete kit of tools necessary to get the job done properly, and as modern conveniences came around shaving evolved as well, moving away from old school barbering techniques, and bringing forth an era of aerosol shaving cream cans and disposable razors.

Faster, newer and easier doesn’t always mean better though, as some of the more antiquated methods may in fact deliver a better result, and be less damaging to sensitive facial skin.

Shaving brushes are a perfect example of how time tested techniques are in fact superior to modern conveniences, so read on to learn about the various benefits of implementing a shaving brush into your personal care routine.

Benefits to the Skin

Opting for a shaving brush offers men many benefits, especially where their skin is concerned. Using a shaving brush leaves the skin soft and well conditioned because it gently exfoliates the skin, in a natural and non-abrasive manner. It also opens the pores, and results in less irritation on the face, minimises razor burn, and reduces the likelihood of unsightly and painful ingrown hairs.

Additional Benefits

Not only are shaving brushes a valuable tool to men’s skincare but they also provide the user with additional benefits as well, including the fact that they generate more lather than any other method, which in turn requires less shaving cream, gel or soap to shave. A shaving brush will give the best and closest shave possible because the technique lifts the hair off the face, allowing the razor to get much closer to the skin, making for an unbeatably smooth finish. Although shaving brushes have been essentially ignored for decades the benefits from this traditional method are too many to ignore and is making its comeback quickly with facial hair being so popular amongst men these days.

Types of Shaving Brushes

There are many types of shaving brushes available for purchase, but regardless of the type you prefer to use it is recommended that you purchase the highest quality brush that you can afford, as it is an investment that can last many years. A selection of shaving brushes is described below.

  • Synthetic Hair Shaving Brushes – these brushes tend to be stiffer than other types of brushes, as well as coarser.  Although synthetic hair brushes don’t hold water as well, or compare in shaving quality to other varieties they are the most inexpensive type of brushes to purchase, and can be bought for as little as a few pounds.
  • Boar Hair Shaving Brushes – boar hairbrushes are superior in quality to synthetic hair shaving brushes but are still stiff and coarse in nature. Boar brushes are more affordable than the most popular type of brush, badger hair, but a high quality boar hairbrush can last years and provide you with an excellent shave.
  • Badger Hair Shaving Brushes – badger hairbrushes are considered to be the best for shaving because badger hair is very soft and flexible and is available in different grades. Because the tips of badger hair is so fine it makes for an excellent lather, and properly lubricates the skin, allowing for an exceptionally close shave, with minimal irritation. The majority of badger hair shaving brushes are crafted in Germany and England, and are available in varying sizes with an assortment of handles. Badger hair shaving brushes are broken down into three separate categories, starting with silvertip badger hairbrushes that are the finest quality and most expensive. Following those are super hair badger brushes which are also of excellent quality, and feature longer, softer hairs than silvertip, and last but not least the best badger hair brushes, which despite their name are the lowest grade of all the badger hair brushes, but are available at a much more comfortable price point for the average user.

There are a variety of options when it comes to purchasing shaving brushes, so everyone can take advantage of the benefits of using a shaving brush in their shaving routine.


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