Back from when we first learnt how to brush our teeth, we were always told what to do and what to avoid so that maximum oral hygiene could be maintained. These dental and oral health tips given to us by our parents, teachers and grandparents have been passed down to generations. However what is a lesser-known fact is that a lot of these dental care tips are just myths and not scientifically proven. Here’s a list of busted dental care myths.

1) Bleeding Gums – Don’t Brush Your Teeth

Do you remember always being told by your grandma to avoid brushing your teeth if your gums bled? Well that’s myth number 1 busted. No offense to grandma, as bleeding gums is usually an indication of accumulated food and plaque on the gum line. The accumulated plaque and food particles need to be instantly removed from your gum line. Removal of the accumulated particles will reduce gum inflammation. Thus, contrary to popular belief it is necessary to brush if you have bleeding gums.

2) Fluoride is a Health Hazard

Ever since water fluoridation has become common, several people have asserted that fluoride can be extremely hazardous to people’s health. On the contrary all the studies that have been conducted prove that fluoride actually has positive effects on one’s oral health. None of the experiments and studies carried out has proven in any way that fluoride is actually harmful to oral health and hygiene. Thus using dental care products that contain fluoride and even consuming it in the water you drink cannot have any negative effects on your health.

3) Teeth Whitening Results in Weak Teeth

Another popular misconception about oral hygiene that people have is that teeth whitening can weaken your teeth. This is another myth that seriously requires busting. If a qualified dental professional conducts the whitening of the teeth as per the instructions of the product, it will not result in weakened teeth. Excessive using of such products sometimes results in irritation and sensitivity but that does not indicate weakness of the teeth.

4) Brushing For a Long Time and Brushing Hard Maintains Oral Hygiene
As children we were always told that in order to maintain good oral health it is necessary to brush our teeth very hard and for a long period of time. But what most people actually don’t know is that brushing for too long and brushing the teeth too hard can actually be damaging for the teeth. Brushing too hard can also result in damage to the gums and it can also scrape down the tooth enamel drastically. So as per the recommendations of most qualified dentists, one need not brush for more than two minutes, twice a day.

5) Brushing Can Be Replaced By a Good Mouthwash
A lot of people believe that brushing can actually be replaced by using a good quality mouthwash. The mechanical action of flossing and brushing is required to maintain excellent oral hygiene. The mouthwash simply acts as an agent that plays the role of removing the surface level of bacteria. However a mouthwash simply cannot remove the bacteria that are caught in the biofilm that forms on the teeth.

6) Decaying of the Teeth is Unavoidable
Don’t make excuses! Every person you know may have told you as you were growing up that decaying of the teeth is inevitable. That is one of the biggest myths of dental care. Tooth decay can be prevented. If you maintain good oral hygiene and make frequent trips to your dentist for check ups there is a large possibility that you can fight off tooth decay.

7) You Can Maintain Good Oral Hygiene Without Flossing
Another myth that most people have been brought up to believe is that flossing is not an important aspect in the maintenance of oral hygiene. Though it may be extremely annoying to floss, it is absolutely essential for you to floss. The parts of your teeth that your toothbrush cannot reach can only be cleaned by flossing. Thus it is highly recommended to incorporate flossing into your daily oral hygiene maintenance practice.

You may have lived several years of life without knowing that often the dental care practices that you were used to were actually harmful for your teeth as well as your overall oral hygiene. Besides following these basic and simple instructions to protect your oral health another thing that is equally important is to make regular visits to a dentist for check ups. If you don’t already have a family dentist you can always look up dentists in Aurora, Colorado and book an appointment for a check up. Ensure that the dentist you book the appointment with has good reviews and several years of experience and is a qualified and recommended professional.


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