In the medical world, Botox treatments are generally looked at for its benefits in anti-aging. Although Botox has proven to be useful in that field, studies have shown that the treatment can actually help in other areas. It has also been proven to: reduce pain in certain areas of body, reduce over active sweat and bladder glands, as well as, help in the recovery of strokes. Botox is generally over looked, but it has health benefits that deserve credit.

Pain Relief

It helps relieve pain in multiple areas of the body and in many different forms. If injections are targeted in muscle groups that are experiencing fatigue and pain, the Botox will reduce it significantly. It has also been discovered that Botox can be applied to muscle twitching. This proves most effective with eyelid twitches.

A Botox injection under the eye, can actually lead to long lasting relief. According to the Dystonia Foundation, Botox can also prove useful in aiding children with Cerebral Palsy. If it is injected in the back of the leg, near the femur, some children with Cerebral Palsy have been known to have better motor function in their ankles, leading to a better walking pattern.

Another study conducted by the Dystonia Foundation, discovered that if Botox is injected into certain muscle groups, patients with arthritis can experience pain relief. The Botox relieves pain by entering the muscle and temporarily paralyzing them. This does not reduce muscle motor function, it just helps reduces the pain by stopping the muscle spasms caused by arthritis. A separate study, conducted by Dr. Deborah Coady, proved that Botox can be helpful in aiding pain in the sexual spectrum. If Botox is injected into the lower pelvic floor in women, it can relieve connective tissue abnormalities, leading to a less painful sexual experience.

Bladder and Sweat Relief

Botox has also proven useful in patients suffering from overactive bladders and sweat glands. It has been proven, by the National Institutes of Health, that if Botox is injected into the bladder it can actually increase the bladder’s capacity, and relieve the patient of the constant need to use the bathroom. On a different, but similar note, Botox can also prove useful in aiding people with excessive sweating issues. According to the Botox Website, if Botox is injected into sweat glands, it can actually stimulate it. This is due to the ability of Botox to stimulate the chemical acetylcholine, which causes sweating. Botox is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration for hyperhidrosis.

Stroke Improvement and Migraine Relief

Botox is also under study for stroke improvement and migraine relief. When it was injected into the lip of a 35 year old women recovering from a stroke, researchers found that it reduced spasms. After regular injections were given to a patient in her left arm they discovered that over time, she was able to regain motor functions of her hand and wrist.

It has not been done often, but its research looks positive for people recovering from strokes. Botox has also been proven to reduce migraines and the pain that comes with them. According to the National Institute of Health, when Botox is injected into the forehead, shoulders, and neck, it releases the tension in those muscles. The reduced tension allows for the intense pain of migraines to be reduced, or abolished completely

Skin and Aging Benefits

On a different side of the medical field, Botox can help patients suffering from an unusually large amount of wrinkles. It has been proven that when injected into the face of people suffering from wrinkles due to smoking, they have faded. Smokers on average, have a much larger amount of wrinkles due to the chemicals in cigarettes. This is often hard to treat, but Botox has been known to decrease wrinkles and other signs of aging. With a few regular injections, it begins to block the nerves, and reduce skin blemishes.

In the medical world, Botox is often overlooked. This should not be the case, due to its advantages in helping specific conditions. Botox has been proven to: help aid aging, stroke improvement, pain relief, and glandular issues. Botox, in short, is a drug that deserves more research, and attention, due to its medical benefits to society.


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