With all the buzz about the changes that technologies and Internet have brought to our lives, there are plenty of different ideas, myths and truths that everyone wants to prove or break. But the fact remains as it is – with smartphones our life, and especially parenting, has become easier (at least in most parts).

And with the App Store and Google Play it would become even more convenient –without any exaggeration there is an app for everything. Absolutely everything – once you come up with any idea, be sure they already have several apps to use for your task/activity/creative process. But if there is no app – hurry up and develop on your own, as it is a profitable thing.

For all our worried parents out there – here you have five useful apps for having healthy and happy kids!

WebMD Baby

Yes, Googling symptoms for illnesses is a dangerous path full of surprises and stress, and most of the time men would find out they are pregnant (according to all the parameters), and women sometimes find out their pomumadami is too big for their throat. But when it comes to nursing a child looking up for the symptoms can clear up the situation and help defining what kind of doctor you need to see (if you need it at all). WebMD Baby gives doctor-approved health information and newborn care tips. Guaranteed to be helpful for both new and experienced parents.

Baby Food Allergy Tracker

This small and simple app would be suitable for parents of younger kids who are still at the beginning of their ‘adult’ meal. Once baby starts eating solid foods, it is essential that you track all the unusual reactions and changes – this would save your family from emergency room terror when you find out your kid is allergic to something. You can track all the food your baby needs to try as well as note the reactions you have noticed to the previous meals.

Doctor On Demand

It is not that every time your kid is sick you should go to the hospital. Surprised? No, we are not telling you to ignore your kid’s cough and temperature. But when you know the issue is not as urgent, Doctor on Demand app would be a perfect match for those who don’t want to leave their homes. The app is available for all the platforms, and once you install it you can video-talk to a real board-certified doctor. First Video Visit is free, all the next would cost you $40. They say some insurance providers might cover this fee, so be sure to ask before you make a new policy.


Your kid’s state of mind is a part of his overall health, so it is essential that you protect him from any harm online activities might bring. Statistics show that a great number of kids today fall victims for cyber bullying. Some explain it to be a part of the growing up process (together with sexting which is becoming even more widespread), but despite all the reasons it is your task to protect kid’s psyche from additional stress this would bring. Pumpic will allow you ‘tailoring’ your child’s phone into being a safe one. It gives you an opportunity to choose what apps will be available for use, and what would be blocked, as well as set a phone use schedule.

Nicolas’ Garden

Healthy diet is a part of our overall health, and it is better to teach your kids about nutrition from the younger age. Nicolas’ Garden is a simple and useful app that was inspired by an actual eight year old kid, and it will provide small and simple recipes that kids can cook themselves. There is a share and recommend option, so kids can communicate and rate each other’s cooking, as well as learn about clean and healthy eating.

Hopefully, these apps will help you at your journey of raising healthy and happy kids!


Jana Rooheart

Jana is a loving mother and wife. She enjoys sharing her experience with other people through blogging and helping people with different problems.

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