In the last decade the number of people living with type 2 diabetes has increased by a staggering 60%

Shockingly around 2.6 million people in Britain suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. A third of people who have this disease don’t even realise it. That means that people are suffering on a daily basis and not treating the core of the problem.

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The inability to control the level of sugar in the blood can lead to blindness and amputations and is a massive drain on NHS resources.

According to the NHS a major factor behind this increase is poor lifestyle and diabetes charities are calling on the NHS to improve care for patients and also for greater efforts in preventing this disease in the first place.

Historically there is a bit of a myth retained by some people that diabetes is not a serious condition but complications of uncontrolled blood sugar levels can be extremely severe:

Loss of vision, organ damages and one of the most miserable complications is neuropathy [nerve damage] which can cause a constant nagging, gnawing ache, usually in the legs or feet, and this can be really disturbing and there is no cure for it,

The condition even leads to 135 foot amputations every week across the UK!

The soaring levels of diabetes is also putting a huge strain on the NHS and published data shows that diabetes medication now accounts for 10% of the NHS drugs bill.

Nearly £869m was spent on drugs, including insulin and metformin, marking a sharp rise from the £514m being spent a decade ago, when the drugs accounted for just 6.6% of the prescriptions budget.

However, the explanation for the soaring cases of type 2 are being placed squarely on the nation’s ballooning waistline.

Barbara Young, the chief executive of Diabetes UK, said the government needed to act to prevent new cases and improve treatment for those already affected.

She said: “Diabetes already costs the NHS nearly £10bn a year, and 80% of this is spent on managing avoidable complications.”

“So there is huge potential to save money and reduce pressure on NHS hospitals and services through providing better care to prevent people with diabetes from developing devastating and costly complications,” she added.

MeDiNova a leading London clinical research company specialises in clinical trials for those patients who suffer from poor diabetic control.

If you decide to participate in the study, you will receive comprehensive medical care (at no cost) including:

  • Close monitoring of your diabetes – in order to improve diabetic control
  • Regular monitoring – blood tests, vital signs, ECGs, BP, pulse and physical examinations
  • Medications at no cost
  • Dietary and lifestyle advice
  • Reimbursement for travel costs

Dr Martin McShane, NHS England’s Director for Long Term Conditions, said: “These figures are a stark warning and reveal the increasing cost of diabetes.

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s time to get serious about lifestyle change.”

Content supplied by: Medinova Research


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