Getting older may be scary, especially for women. One day, you will realise that you are just human: the body changes occurring with aging result in changes in function and in appearance. In the contemporary society, which increasingly values youth and well-being as well as physical perfection, an increasing number of women undergo aesthetic plastic surgeries. Such operations are aimed at vaginal rejuvenation, which is the reflection of the emergence of a tendency to increasingly take care of female intimate parts.

In the recent years, the number of cases of vaginal reconstruction surgery has gradually risen in countries like United States, United Kingdom and Australia. For instance, in 2013 more than 5,000 labiaplasties were performed in the United States. This type of aesthetic and functional genital surgery, including the reduction of the clitoral hood, the cut of excess parts of labia minora or inner vaginal lips and injections to increase the sensitivity of the g-spot, represents a booming business.

The need to reshape a woman’s private parts is not only due to cosmetic reasons that is to pursue a certain model of physical beauty, but also for medical purposes. The rise in the number of labiaplasties is the result of a search for effective remedies to help women deal with their own anxieties and problems about aging, such as pain during and/or after intercourse (dyspareunia), discomfort, sexual dysfunction and lack of self-confidence.

A common complaint consists of vaginal dryness, which affects postmenopausal women more than others. Therefore, painful intercourse may be caused by inadequate lubrication, which makes sexual activity difficult or uncomfortable. The remedies to a low level of the body’s natural lubrication, which may be caused by psychological or physical factors, are not limited to the use of personal lubricants during sex.

Nowadays, laser technology can help women to give themselves an intimate makeover and present itself as a valuable alternative to invasive and expensive vaginal reconstruction surgery.

What is sometimes neglected by most women is the importance of rediscovering themselves and one’s own sexuality in order to enjoy pleasure and intimate well-being. Sharing information is definitely essential to discuss the issue and provide solutions suitable for all women.

Content supplied by Michela Morazzini (LOWE S.r.l.)


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