Did you know that April is Rosacea Awareness month? Do you know what rosacea is? You might not be surprised to know that almost 40% of the people who have completed our rosacea survey have not heard of the condition. And yet around 1 in 10 people in the UK are affected. (1) And sadly, there is no UK charity to support people living with the conditon.

So, last week, we launched talkrosacea in order to support people who are either newly diagnosed, or who have lived with rosacea for some time, and we also want to raise awareness of the condition and types of treatments now available.

We also jumped at the chance to get involved with #experiencemyrosacea on Wednesday 20 April – a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the difficulties of living with rosacea and to challenge common misconceptions surrounding the condition. The day was supported by talkhealth, key bloggers, Dr Dawn Harper, Dr Anton Alexandroff and celebrity make-up artist Sarah Jagger.

The day started at BB’s cafe in Covent Garden where we sat and talked about rosacea -some of the challenges, perceptions and awareness, and at the same time we had the opportunity to drink tea and eat cakes!! It was a great to share thoughts and ideas.

Check out the following bloggers who attended the event:

Make up artist to the stars Sarah Jagger and influential blogger Emma from Emma & Three

Celebrity Make-Up Artist Sarah Jagger & blogger Emma from Emma & Three at BBs Cafe, Covent Garden

Emma & Three

London Beauty Queen

Nastasha Cox

Laura Louise Blog

The bloggers conveyed how having rosacea really affects their day to day lives, confidence and self-esteem. And Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Anton Alexandroff talked in depth about how hard it has been in the past to treat rosacea. However new treatments are now available and people with rosacea should revisit their GPs to discuss these.

Dr Dawn Haper, Dr Anton Alexandroff and Sarah Jagger, who was made up to look as if she had rosacea (although she does actually have mild rosacea), took to the streets of Covent Garden to ask people if they’d heard of rosacea – unsurprisingly most had not. The interviews are being edited into a short video, which we hope to share with you in due course.

Dr Dawn Harper from health show Embarrassing Bodies with Deborah from talkhealth

Dr Dawn Harper from health show Embarrassing Bodies with Deborah from talkhealth

What is clear is that rosacea awareness month, the experience my rosacea day and websites like talkrosacea are only the beginning of the conversation, and it is really important to develop that conversation to help increasing numbers of people trying to live with the day to day challenges of having rosacea.

If you are living with rosacea or know someone who is, take a look at our rosacea forum and talk with others who really understand what having rosacea is like.


(1) NHS Choices, Rosacea Introduction



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