Super Gonorrhea is a drug resistant sexually transmitted bacterial infection. When one is infected the normal symptoms would include thick yellow discharge from the genitals, pains during urination and bleeding between periods. These symptoms are not observed immediately; it takes two to three weeks, or even a month for the signs to appear. This highly drug-resistant infection has raised alarms, gonorrhoea being the most sexually transmitted disease across many countries. The bacteria causing infection has mutated and developed resistance, making it hard to be treated hence the name super-gonorrhea. Most medics had come to the conclusion that the bacteria infecting disease cannot be treated which further led to the continuing emergence of antimicrobial opposition.

The drug resilient STI has the following primary symptoms in both men and women; for the male there is usually an unusual yellow discharge from the tip of the genitalia, burning sensation when urinating, inflammation of the foreskin and rare pains in the testicles. For the women, they include heavy periods and intensive bleeding after intercourse, pain when urinating, vaginal discharge, which is usually yellow in colour and rare pains in the lower abdomen. Research has proven that women are at a higher risk of getting the super gonorrhoea on the first encounter of intercourse with an infected individual, as compared to men. An expecting woman can also infect her unborn child and also during childbirth.

The risk of infection of this sexually transmitted disease can be prevented through protection (use of condoms). Limiting sexual activity is also an option, (among the highly sexually active people) to a completely monogamous relationship with an uninfected person. The youth should be encouraged and advised to abstain from sexual activities until marriage while the already married should commit to their marital partners alone. Super gonorrhoea can also be avoided by maintaining proper hygiene of clothing and beddings if sharing. Soap and water can be relatively effective in cleansing. This is important because an infected person can spread the bacteria through semen or the vaginal fluids through beddings or fluids and if shared the risk of contamination is high. General cleanliness is key.

A new born baby can be infected by the mother during birth, as discussed above. For prevention, the mother should undergo prognosis after which she will undergo further treatment. After delivery, the child should be given erythromycin ointment to prevent the child from being blind including other complications. It is advisable for married couples to go for a checkup every couple of months to ensure both of them are safe from the bacterial gonorrhoea before deciding to bring in a newborn child.

Education and awareness are another fundamental elements in the fight against infection and spread of the super gonorrhoea. The youth and sexually active should be educated on the dangers of having unprotected sexual intercourse. The married individuals should also be alerted, probably during therapy sessions. They should not be left out. They should be encouraged to keep their relationship monogamous and faithful to each other.

After treatment of an individual, he or she should be advised to take a break from sexual activities after finishing his or her dose of treatment. This will minimise the chances of spreading again from one person to another.

Dr Malloy, medical professional at DrFelix commented “It is important we regularly get tested for gonorrhoea to ensure we are not contributing to the spread of the virus and ultimately worsening the antibiotic resistance issue linked to super gonoorhoea.”

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