Substance addiction can bring in a very powerful, negative impact to any individual and the people around him. In fact, substance addiction costs the US government around $200 billion per year, so the problem is indeed very demanding. But how can substance abuse impact an individual? Let’s find out!


The negative effect of substance addiction for any individual

  • Young adults tend to isolate themselves from their family and friends
  • People start dealing with major negative effects such as anxiety, depression, aggression, paranoia, mood swings, psychosis and many others. Things only worsen if a person is subject to prolonged substance abuse
  • Constant substance abuse can generate hormonal imbalances, cancer, AIDS, gastrointestinal diseases, prenatal as well as fertility issues and organ damage
  • Aside from all of the above, the substance abuse can lower confidence; it generates an addiction to alcohol and smoking
  • It encourages people to embrace a world of crime, so they can get more money to purchase the desired substance
  • Substance abuse is also known to cause accidents and public impairment. Improper chemical and substance storage can also cause damage to the environment.

Aside from that, abusing any type of balance will cause a lack of productivity and many times the person in question will even lose his job. It can also lead to a loss of friendships and many times substance addiction can also terminate relationships if it’s not handled in a proper manner.

How can family help with substance recovery?

Even though it can be hard to cope with the idea that a loved one is dealing with substance abuse, you need to try and go past that fast. This is a time when any substance addict needs his family the most, as they can help him speed up the recovery process.

So, how can family members help a substance addict? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Study the effects of drug and alcoholism dependence. Understand what your friend/loved one is going through, as it will offer you a good insight into what you can do next.
  • Always try to offer your support. You need to be there for the substance addict regardless of the situation, so visit him often, make him laugh and distract him from the challenges that come from their recovery treatment.
  • Always express your love and show them that you will be there no matter what happens. As we mentioned earlier, proper moral support can do wonders and it can boost the recovery process quite a bit.
  • Remember that the recovery process is ongoing, so do make time to stay with the addict often. Avoid covering up for him, do not assume their responsibilities, but offer them the guidance they need. Show them how they can go past this problem with flying colors.
  • Stop arguing with the loved one, do not preach about anything and try to be a role model. Allow the addict to see the best behaviors in you, and then he will be able to replicate that on his own.

Recovering from substance addiction/abuse is not an easy road. Every family member needs to understand that while this process can take a lot of time, the results that come from a good recovery process can be more than impressive. If you are a family member, try to use the tips above and make sure that you are near your loved one. Don’t preach about anything, just try to show support and help as that’s what really matters for any substance addict!


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