online-clinic-on-prostate-and-testicular-health-sm-promo-v2November is considered by many to be the month of men’s health awareness. Campaigns such as Movember have made waves in recent years, raising awareness and funds across the world for men’s health issues, in particular the issue of prostate cancer.

Tying in with the theme of men’s health this month, the talkhealth November Online Clinic is focused on Prostate and Testicular Health. Having launched at the beginning of the month, our panel of experts have already answered numerous questions around prostate health, prostate cancer and testicular care.

A topic that has come up again and again over the past month has been prostate health checks. With much controversy surrounding PSA tests, it isn’t surprising that many of our members have questions regarding the importance and validity of these tests. Despite the controversy, there are many who champion the importance of prostate examinations.

Errol McKellar, who runs a garage in Hackney, offers discounts to customers if they go for prostate cancer checks. McKellar was encouraged by his wife to visit his doctor to see if his persistent snoring could be treated. While sitting in the doctor’s office he noticed a leaflet which was described the dangers of prostate cancer, and who was at most risk of getting it. Realising he was in the higher risk category, he immediately sought to get tested. His fears became a reality when in 2010 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Within the year he had his prostate removed before ultimately receiving the all clear.

His experience with prostate cancer inspired him to encourage others to get tested. Using his role as a mechanic as an incentive, he offers a discount on the price of an M.O.T. in his garage when customers agree to discuss their prostate cancer risk with their doctor. Since launching his campaign he has saved the lives of 23 men who all had unsuspected prostate cancer.

Last month, celebrity Ben Stiller announced that he too had battled prostate cancer in secret some years ago. Having received a PSA test a few years before the suggested age of 50, Stiller was told that he had prostate cancer. Following his experiences with the disease, and using his own celebrity status as a way to reach men across the world, Ben Stiller has become an advocate for prostate health, encouraging men to consider the benefits of a prostate check-up, “I think men over the age of 40 should have the opportunity to discuss the test with their doctor and learn about it, so they can have the chance to be screened. After that an informed patient can make responsible choices as to how to proceed.”

If you have any questions regarding prostate health, testicular health, or if you are currently living with, or suspect you may have prostate or testicular cancer, please don’t suffer in silence. Make an appointment to visit your doctor, ask questions, and raise your own awareness. If you would like some expert advice now, please visit our November Online Clinic on Prostate and Testicular Health. We have experts waiting to help you who may be able to point you in the right direction.



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