father_and_childGiving birth is one of the most exciting, memorable and painful experiences of your life. In the ideal world, you are accompanied by your loving partner; and you end up with a happy, healthy baby that you both can love and cherish for many years to come. The reality of life is never quite as simple, and in some cases, there may be an element of confusion over who the father is. Many women understandably loathe having a paternity test completed, an admission of doubt or maybe infidelity is required, but the priority should always be your newborn baby, and for that reason, a paternity test should be completed as soon as practicable.

Where Can You Get A Test Completed?

Many people are unsure of where to go to get a test completed, with the possible exception of going on certain national television Jerry Springer style shows. The good news is that with the widespread growth of the internet there are many places, such as paternity test, where you can perform the test and get the results with relative anonymity and embarrassment.

Why Paternity Tests Are Important

There are some reasons it is important to undertake a paternity test and listed below are some of the most important ones.

  1. Legal Reasons – For the potential father and his new child, there are many reasons why it is essential that fatherhood is confirmed. In some cases the first time a man may even know he is a father is when he is informed of the situation five or ten years down the line. In order to establish beyond any doubt that he is the father, a paternity test will reassure all parties and is then accepted by a court of law for legal proceedings.
  2. For Adopted Children –There are many situations in life where a child is adopted, and as the child grows up, he or she may decide that they want to track down their natural parents. Having a paternity test completed is the only certain way for anyone to confirm without any doubt that father, mother, and child are related.
  3. Sibling Cases – When it comes to paternity matters, everyone always thinks about the parents and the individual child. But the situation is more complicated than that, as siblings can and will want confirmation that they have the same parents.
  4. Immigration Issues – An often overlooked benefit of a paternity test is to establish American citizenship for the child. If the father of the child is American, but the mother is a foreign national, in the vast majority of cases the child will be able to claim U.S. citizenship. Depending on the situation, this can obviously be very beneficial to that child.

Paternity tests provide many benefits to everyone concerned. They establish parentage and help children to form bonds and establish their identity in the world. The actual test itself is not difficult nor painful, and it then enables everyone concerned to move forward with their lives with any uncertainty removed. The vast majority of people wish they had completed the test quicker, as the most difficult part of a paternity test is the uncertainty, so rather than keep worrying, the best thing to do is to arrange and complete your test, and then move forward with your life.


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