Despite the major advances in mental health, seeing a therapist still holds a stigma in general society. We are afraid to seek out help because in some way it’s means that we are “broken”. That we aren’t as healthy as society says we should be. However, there are many reasons why you would need to see a therapist. None of which indicate that you are “broken”. Read on so that you can see the 5 top reasons to see a therapist and how they can help you get back on track.

Fighting Addiction

Fighting an addiction is a battle being fought by more people than most realize. We have addictions that include food, shopping, sex, and substances. We typically engage in substance abuse to fill a hole within ourselves that is empty or hurting. They become a habit that we become co-dependent on. When it comes to substance abuse, there are places that can help. Places like Above It All Alcohol Rehab & Detox will allow you to come in and get around-the-clock therapy care that will empower you to gain control of your life. Various groups surrounding other addictions, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, allow for you to commit time each week to speak with your peers and volunteer therapists to work through your issues and keep you anonymous respectively. Other therapists will see you privately when it comes to food or shopping (and sometimes sex) addictions.

Battling Anxiety

You may not know it, but you probably know quite a few people who suffer from anxiety or another form of chronic stress. Anxiety can feel so debilitating; you get lost in your thoughts and find yourself suffering attacks that make it feel like you can’t breathe. Sometimes moments in the past repeat themselves in your head or your dreams and all the emotions with it come bubbling it up in such a way that you feel like that moment is happening again. You find yourself afraid to be in public around crowds. You suddenly don’t feel safe in casual settings that would be otherwise safe for you. Seeking out a therapist can help you! They can provide medications to help slow the anxiety attacks and talk with you on how to work through those painful memories that are hurting you. They will work to help you feel like you are normal again.

Body Dysmorphia

Many of us struggle with our physical bodies. We never quite see ourselves the way others see them and often we dislike a body part of ours. Perhaps we wish our neck was a bit longer or our second toe was a little shorter. However, body dysmorphia goes even further in which we have social anxiety over anyone seeing our bodies. We miss school, work, nights out with our friends, and family functions because we dislike our bodies that much. For transgendered folks, it’s a matter of feeling like we are inside the wrong bodies. This can cause some severe depression in which we begin to hate our inner selves along with our bodies. Therapists specializing in body dysmorphia are there to help you to work out those feelings and combat the depression often associated.

People have challenging times and they struggle. When we don’t allow ourselves to seek out help to heal that part that hurts, we continue to inadvertently hurt ourselves. We suffer silently and fall into a downward spiral of despair. When we seek therapy, we can begin to feel good about ourselves. We can learn to want to wake up and get out of bed again. Whether we need an addiction psychiatrist or someone to help us heal from a death in the family, you can rest assured that no one has to know that you are getting help. If you decide to speak about it to friends and family, we are positive that someone will speak up about their adventures in therapy.


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