According to a report by Public Health England (PHE), middle aged men and woman are not getting enough exercise. In fact a staggering 41% are not even managing a 10 minute brisk walk once a month!

Dr Jenny Harries, Deputy Medical Director at PHE said: “I know first hand that juggling priorities of everyday life often means exercise takes a back seat.But walking to the shops instead of driving, or going for a brisk 10-minute walk on your lunch break each day, can add many healthy years to your life.”

In fact those in middle age can effect a 15% reduction in the risk of early death from at least one brisk 10 min walk per day.

The Government recommend people undertake at least 150 minutes of activity each week.

PHE also hopes by getting this age group active it will have a knock-on effect among those who have children.

PHE are recommending a free app called Active 10. In addition, there are a number of other apps that will track activity – it’s about finding the one that works best for you and one you will use.

Tell us your experience – were you inactive and turned things around? Would love to hear your story and what now works for you.



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