Stress is a part of life. Sometimes the stress that comes out of each situation is good and sometimes it’s bad. For instance, achieving a goal can become stressful but once you reach it you feel a sense of accomplishment, that’s good stress. Raising a family and trying to keep everyone in order and a home functioning properly can overwhelm you and make you tired, that’s bad stress. In order to keep stress from causing you harm it’s important to learn how to deal with the bad stress in a positive way.

Stress and your health

Stress can cause you to break down, feel anxious and lose sleep. It can also cause you to indulge in alcohol or drugs as a way of coping. The problem is that a once a day drink or pill to relax can quickly turn into a dependency that increases slowly to a level that’s harmful and even life threatening. If you come home from work and look for your drink or drugs upon entering you may very well have a serious addiction. Luckily there are places like BLVD Hollywood detox, where you can get the help you need to make a full recovery.

Pinpointing the source of your stress

Sometimes you put yourself directly in front of a course that’s destined for a collision without even realizing it. It may be your job that stays on your mind long after your day finishes. Or, perhaps, it’s your inability to say no to a favor that tacks more on your to-do list than is humanly possible. In order to remove the bad stress or at the very least reduce it, you need to find out from where it where it derives.

Positive ways to handle your stress

If you are the do-all in your family and on the job, it’s in your best interest to learn to say no and delegate the responsibilities to others. For instance, if you spend your entire evening checking homework, running baths, cooking and doing laundry, give up some of the responsibilities. No one person can do it all and by allowing others to help with the chores you’re making them responsible and you’re giving you well-deserved down time. The same goes for the office, stop handling everything and micromanaging. It’s time to trust others to complete tasks. In the beginning, this will seem difficult, but once you release some of the responsibility off your shoulders you’ll feel better.

Say what’s on your mind

Stress comes from various sources and one may be that you hold everything inside. This is not good for you or those you love. Releasing things that bother you lets others know how you feel and it gets it out of your system. It’s OK to express your thoughts and become assertive.

Ways to reduce stress

If you feel tense and out of control release your thoughts through an activity. Exercise is a great way to remove the stress from your body. When you work up a sweat feel good hormones called endorphins. After your workout, they make you happy, energized and leave you feeling refreshed. Find some form of physical activity you enjoy like aerobics, a brisk walk or jog, tennis or swimming. In addition to including exercise sessions a few times a week, learn to take time out for the ones you love. The connection with family and good friends puts you in a safe zone where you can mentally relax and unwind. Go to the park, take a day trip or get together for a lunch.

Find me time

Everyone needs time for them. You are not superhuman and have needs the same as the next person. Without having any time set aside for you, you can subconsciously feel resentment. Instead, take up a hobby, go out shopping alone, or enjoy your favourite movie uninterrupted. You’ll feel better and those around you will get to enjoy a relaxed version of you.

Stress can cause you to acquire bad habits, lose sleep and eventually lead to a mental breakdown. Learn how to relax and avoid the people or situations that bring on bad stress.


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