It is of course this time of year where all you see are things spider related and even see the little critters invading your home. Arachnophobia is the worlds biggest fear and causes many people unnecessary stress and anxiety, oddly, many people would rather suffer from the anxiety than get help to rid the phobia and have a much more enjoyable life. Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if you didn’t have to keep looking over your shoulder all the time and especially this time of year?

If you want to see images of people who had a fear of spiders having completed one of my courses, click here – WARNING THERE ARE PICTURES OF TARANTULAS!

From August to October is usually when we see a spider influx and the general stress levels can rise so much and, increased stress can reduce quality of sleep, affect diet and make you worry and panic unnecessarily.

It is completely possible to

  • Eradicate your fear.
  • Feel calmer around spiders.
  • Be in control around spiders.
  • Remove them yourself in a more relaxed way.

It is through my experience that this fear of spiders is about 95% learnt behaviour, by nature we are not afraid of spiders and the fear is mainly passed on through a family member, typically a parent. Do you really want your child to have increased anxiety and panic over spiders?

Why you are experiencing so much discomfort/panic/anxiety toward spiders is because your brain is recalling the first memory you had which gave you the fear. Your brains job is to protect you and keep you alive so be safe knowing that your brain is doing its job well.

For whatever reason your brain has decided that spiders are dangerous, this might be because, as a child, you saw your mum scream at the sight of a spider and from this moment onwards your brain has made the decision that “if mum doesn’t like it, it is no good for me”.

Because of this your unconscious mind will constantly scan for anything that is or could be a spider and when it sees something like a spider it immediately sends out a signal to start the stress response. During ‘spider season’ you are even more on your guard with those stress levels constantly going up and down which, can cause paranoia – when I had arachnophobia, I would constantly check for spiders but now I can relax and not worry, if I see one, its ok, I’ll just grab a glass, a piece of card and take it outside.

If you want to see images of people who had a fear of spiders having completed one of my courses, click here – WARNING THERE ARE PICTURES OF TARANTULAS!


Ed Francis

As an integrative therapist, I use extensive experience and training in effective methods that can help people overcome problems, phobias and issues that create obstacles in a person’s life. These methods include clinical hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), psycho-therapeutic methods, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Brief Strategic Therapy, Counselling, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

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