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For those of you have been reading and (hopefully) enjoying my recent blog posts regarding how best you as parents can help your children navigate the choppy waters of education and careers related learning, and, by so doing mitigate the stress and anxiety associated with these huge decisions they are wrestling with, you will know I have a book due out at the end of the month…

Twitter Q&A on education and careers related learning and advice, Tuesday 30th 1 & 7 pm.

To that end I will be hosting not one, but two, count ’em, two live Twitter Q&A’s this coming Tuesday (30th) at 1.00 pm and again at 7.30pm – I would love to connect with anyone, parents, students, even teachers who have any questions they’d like to ask about education, CVs, work experience, university or not, whatever it might be, whatever it is that’s causing sleepless nights to try and help alleviate those concerns and give you guys back the power to make decisions and kick to touch those nasty brain worms that can niggle away causing untold misery and self doubt.

Please click through to the link below where the publisher has given all the details of how to get involved and for a little interview with yours truly!

I hope to see you there…


Edd Williams

Author of 'Is your school lying to you? Get the career you want. Get the life you deserve.' Edd Williams has been working in recruitment for over 14 years, dealing with industry, speaking to employers, looking at CVs, prepping people for interviews and helping people of all ages access the careers of their choice. Because of this he knows only too well how damaging work related stress and anxiety can be for people and its impact on their wider well-being. In addition to his work in recruitment, he is an academic and careers consultant working with students up and down the country to help them establish and access a career path supported by the right academic choices via his work with his consultancy Duart Consultants. He is a school governor, parent and irritatingly regular blogger on education matters ( zealously believing in the transformative power of education (whether that's vocational or academic) and giving students the chance to realise their ambitions. Over the last few years it has become ever clearer that the quality of careers and academic advice given in schools is simply not fit for purpose. He believes that robust career planning, giving pupils a sense of surety about their futures, having 'a plan' may be key to attacking at least some of the spiralling mental health issues that students face, ranging from anxiety and panic attacks to depression. It was because of this he sought to address some of those questions and doubts, and give students back control with his book. His guide aims to help students and crucially the parents of students understand what they should and can be doing to improve their chances of success. By outlining the decision making processes, how to secure work experience, interview tips, personal statement and CV writing and everything in between the book removes the uncertainty about what to do and when and given all the uncertainties they already face making sure they have a plan shouldn't be one of them.

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