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Are you tight for time and want to try Pilates?

 “I don’t have 10 minutes to myself” sound like you? To busy to book in at a club, drive to the club, and attend a class….

I know that time is precious and on occasion it’s a struggle to book into classes. So provided you can find a little space and less that 10 minutes for yourself, Try my 3 minute Pilates videos!

The Pilates Method has many benefits. improved Posture is a strengthening muscles that stabilize the spine pelvis and rib cage (Inner unit muscles) lengthen tight muscles.

Setting up a natural/neutral spine while in the supine position is important… Follow these steps below to get a spot on spine in supine!

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Neutral/Natural Spine Alignment Ques.

1, Knees bent at approx 90 degrees feet hip width apart. Arms by your side, using your hand as a guide, allow the lower back to lift and fall then settle. To do this you can rock the rib cage up/down and tilt the pelvis forward/backwards. The low back should have a little or no arch, the hand should feel a little pressure. Remove the hand and place by your side.

2. Drop the shoulders backwards and allow them to relax. Place the palms facing upwards. Look to have an even amount of weight through upper back and lengthen the neck via the crown of the head. Imagine a string is lengthening your spine through the crown of he head.

Breath is a major part of Pilates so this is also covered in a video on my Facebook page.



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