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It should come as no surprise, but the topic on everyone’s lips this week has been the sub-zero temperatures that have hit the UK. With snowfall across much of the country, the attention to health conditions during these treacherous times has been paramount among this week’s news stories. Alongside this, there’s been some extremely interesting studies and research information in the world of health. So, talkhealth have brought all the latest updates together in one place for you. Read on, for your weekly update on the biggest news stories in the health sector.

Cold weather prompts further health warnings

The cold weather has hit the country, with the government issuing further health warnings on their website. During these freezing times, the necessity to keep in the warm should not be understated. Following on from that, these can be especially troubling times for the more vulnerable people in society. If you know anyone at risk, such as those with heart or lung conditions, someone aged over 65 or younger children, be sure to check in and make sure they have everything they need during this time.

Millennials expected to be most overweight generation

Recent research has found that millennials are expected to be the most obese generation since records began. Health experts have stated that it is likely that more than 7 in 10 people from the millennial generation could be overweight by the time they reach middle age. This is strikingly worrying, as Cancer Research UK has highlighted that over 13 types of cancer are linked with being overweight. If you have any concerns about being overweight, you can reach out to our community of experts.


This news coincides with further research that suggests that women with bigger waists have an increased risk of heart attack when compare to men. The combined risk of heart attack and cancer which is linked to obesity remains a key concern for healthcare professionals across the UK. If you want to find out more about women’s health, or have any questions around the subject, then head to our dedicated forum.

New research in diabetes

Scientists have discovered that there may be more classifications of diabetes than the two currently recognised. According to new research, it seems that there may be up to 5 distinct types of diabetes that can develop during adulthood. With each of these different types needing subtly different methods of approach, it’s a fantastic step to see the progress being made in this area. If you have any questions surrounding diabetes, then you can get involved right here on talkhealth and join the discussion today.

Loneliness can increase risks to health

Loneliness and isolation can be as much a risk to health as smoking and obesity according to a new study. As a result, loneliness is finally being recognised as a risk, however much more needs to be done. This has been highlighted this week with recent research showing that mental health patients who are treated far away from home are less likely to recover and improve their condition. The effects of loneliness should not be underestimated. Should you have any concerns or worries about your health and feeling isolated, you can always head to our forum and connect with like minded individuals that can help you in your progress.


Health problems through the eyes of others

There have been some eye-opening reports this week from sufferers of narcolepsy and depression. Two separate articles dealing with each issue, give you the chance to experience the effects of these health problems from the perspective of real life sufferers.

Suffering with narcolepsy, Henry Nicholas offers an account of living with the condition. His full account has been documented in a new book, but the article itself gives a flavour of his account and what it can be like living with such a serious condition.

Likewise, depression can be a hugely misunderstood condition. In a new article, we are introduced to 6 women who give their own accounts of life on anti-depressants. It’s powerful stuff, and well worth a read so you can get a better idea of living with these kinds of mental health issues. Should you want to learn more about mental health, or want somewhere to discuss your own experiences, you can head to our dedicated mental health area of the talkhealth forums.

That’s it for this week’s roundup of the news in the world of health. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for weekly health updates, blogs from our experts and our wide range of bloggers.



This is the talkhealth blog spot, where we post on a wide range of health conditions, topics, issues and concerns. We post when we see something that we believe is of interest to our visitors. Our posts do not reflect any particular view or standpoint of talkhealth, but are merely to raise attention and awareness.

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